Typhoon Utor

Preliminary Assessment- Typhoon Utor:   Utor made landfall dawn Monday with reports of gusts of 245kph -175 km per hour.  2 way radio is in use in impact areas – (via video reports) communications are out. Airports, Ferries,  Bus depot not running.  Classes suspended across much of Luzon including Manila.  At 3pm Aug 12 spillways will be opened at Binga Reservoir.  Sitrep7 As of Aug 12 updates:   People Affected: 448 Families 91,895 persons) affected in 19 barangays in 6 municipalities of Region III, V and CAR. 1123 passengers, 6 vessels and eight motorbancas were stranded. 17 roads affected and 13 power outages reported in three regions and 12 Domestic flights have been cancelled.

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Power: 13 power outages reported in three regions (Sitrep7)
Roads:  17 roads affected and 13 power outages reported in three regions. (sitrep7)
Airports:  12 domestic flights were cancelled.  Hundreds stranded at Albay. (Sitrep7)
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