Typhoon Hagupit (RubyPH) Map Sampling


by: Leonard Olyott & Keeve Brine, In an increasingly connected world, the ability of the members of the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN) to respond rapidly from anywhere in the world to offer assistance to disaster events is growing rapidly and becoming more coordinated and focused. Maps and geographical information provide a valuable resource to assist responders, government agencies and people in need. The advent of web mapping and online Geographic Information Systems means that maps can be created, deployed and used on any device, anywhere, anytime.

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This collaborative project between Humanity Road and volunteers from GISCorps aimed to review and collate mapping resources relating to Typhoon Hagupit. A wide variety of mapping products from DHN members, relief agencies and government departments were reviewed and categorized. Additionally, links to these mapping products were created in the DHN ArcGIS Online Account: http://dhnetwork.maps.arcgis.com

It is hoped that this work can provide some valuable insight and serve as a reference for future activations of DHN members and to raise awareness of the wide variety of digital mapping products available. They are presented in two categories, static and dynamic and in no particular order.

Typhoon Hagupit (RubyPH) Map Sampling from Catherine Graham

Research & Assembled by:

Leonard Olyott, GISCorps

Keeve Brine, GISCorps


Produced by

Cat Graham, Humanity Road


Special thanks to ESRI Disaster Response Program


February 2015

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  • SWB HR Map Sampling Hagupit Final.pdf