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The 2017 hurricane season brought widespread destruction and impacted the lives of 30 million people across 14 Caribbean nations. In Texas, 8.9 million people were in Harvey’s path and in Florida another 20 million in the path of Hurricane Irma. Humanity Road provided situation reports to the public and our governmental and non-governmental aid partners who responded. We also activated on a special mission to help relay urgent rescue requests to the Coast Guard and first responders. After Irma devastated the area, we deployed to Big Pine Key in Florida and worked with partners like ITDRC and FEMA to help support the local recovery.

Within our disaster response program, volunteers responded to 76 events across 19 countries throughout 2017 including 27 earthquakes, 12 floods, 11 wildfires, 9 hurricanes, 6 public safety events, 6 tornadoes, 1 blizzard, 1 mudslide, 1 volcanic eruption, 1 radiologic event, and 1 winter storm.

“I have a very small budget but wanted to help in a real way. I make a small donation monthly to this organization and I see what they do on a very small budget. Its amazing. I’m very happy with their work and their transparency.” – anonymous donor – Read Review On Great Nonprofits

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