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Apr 19 2016 (blog) Ecuador after the quake – what now?

Apr 16 2016 (book) The Consequences of Global Disasters

Apr 4 2016 (News) Digital Disaster Response – Philanthropy Journal News

Mar 14 2016 (Article) Verification Handbook  (German)

Mar 8 2016 (Article) Digital Humanitarians – Domestric Preparedness  Magazine

Mar 1 2016 (Article) Translators Without Borders Honors Humanity Road

Feb 2016 (News) Participación ciudadana y gestión de crisis, 5 organizaciones que debes conocer (Spanish)

Jan 28 2016 (News) How Digital Humanitarians Are Closing the Gaps in Worldwide Disaster Response –  Huffington Post

Jan 4 2016 (Article) Social media exercise design: A guide (because Twitter takes practice too)

Jan 1, 2016  (News) Lessons from Statistics Without Borders

2016 (Book) On the Challenges of Using Social Media for Crisis Management

2016 (White paper)  Microtasking models and managerial challenges [PDF]

Oct 27, 2015 (News) How the Power of Analytics Can Better Predict Weather (Forbes)

Oct 15 (Award) Humanity Road Inc Rated 2015 Top Nonprofit

Oct 5 (Article) Free South Carolina Disaster Home Cleanup Hotline Available Now  – SC Floods

Sept 20 (Video) 30 Days 30 Ways National Preparedness by Alice McGowen

Sept 18 (Blog) What is a Digital Humanitarian by Jennie Philips

Sept 17 (Award) Citizen Corps 2015 Individual and Community Preparedness Awards Announcements – Honorable Mention Preparing the Whole Community

Sept 15, (White Paper) Advocating for Philanthropy: Policy and the Industry Infrastructure  by Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Sept 5 (Article) Natural disasters, public safety and the power of analytics By Colin Laurie and Kirtana Raja

2015 (website) Philippines

Sep 4, 2015 (Blog) Geotag X Data sprint gave a boost to Yemeni Cultural Heritage at Risk project

Sep 3, 2015 (Blog) Using Analytics to Keep the World Safer – IBM Center for Applied Insights

Aug 12, 2015 (News)  Statisticians using social media to track foodborne illness and improve disaster response

Jul 23,  2015 (Article)  First Responders Experiment with Social Media in Disaster Response

Jul 2015 (White Paper) The State of Social Media Technologies for Disaster Preparedness in the Asia Pacific Region

Jul 2, 2015 (Blog) Tech Corps – FEMA and Private Tech Companies working together for disaster relief – CHHS

Jul 1, 2015 (Article) Univ of MD Tech Corps

Jun 25, 2015 (Blog) Creating Tech Corps: Disaster Tech Comes in Big and Small Packages – FEMA

Jun 23, 2015 (News) ITDRC Joins FEMA’s Tech Corps – Digital Journal

Jun 19, 2015 (News) FEMA Taps Google, Microsoft For Disaster-Response Tech Team – NBC News

Apr 27, 2015 (News) Can I Volunteer for the Nepal Earthquake – Bustle

Apr 15, 2015 (Article) Mind the Gap – Civil-Military Communications – Liaison Journal – Center for Excellence

Mar 23, 2015 (Article) Social Media Gives Early Insight into Cyclone Impacts – Digital Journal

Mar 3, 2015 (News) Villarrica Volcano in Chile Erupts – Liberty Voice

Feb 18, 2015 (News) 11 Ways to Get Involved with Humanitarian FOSS

Feb 13, 2015 (Blog) 5 (orgs) draft to geotag information and create #opensource maps – Citizen Journalism

Jan 26, 2015  (Blog) Cause III Twitter Chat –

Oct 08, 2014 (Announcement) Christine Thompson, presentation at NCOIC’s Cybersecurity Workshop – Facebook

Sep 08, 2014  (Video) Pacific Endeavor 2014, Kathmandu, Nepal

Sep 07, 2014   (Slideshare) Social Media Monitoring Team in the Emergency Operation Center – Social Media

Aug 12, 2014   (Book) Engineering Geology for Society and Territory – Volume 7

Aug 07, 2014   (Press Release) International Assistance Dog Week – There’s A Dog For That

July 01, 2014   (Book) Tablets in K-12 Education: Integrated Experiences and Implications

July 01, 2014  (Article) Using Social Media for Enhanced Situational Awareness and Decision Support …

Jun 28, 2014   (Book) Displaced By Disaster: Recovery and Resilience in a Globalizing World

May 30, 2014 (Blog) Be Hurricane Ready-Information is a Form of Aid – Guest Post Microsoft

May 2014        (Article) Advancing the Future of Disaster Technology during the Joint Interagency …

Mar 05, 2014   (Article) Boydton Sisters Scour Social Media to Deliver Disaster Recovery Info. – Mecklenburg Sun

Feb 28, 2014   (Press Release) iChallenge Campaign Launches for National Preparedness Week

Feb 18, 2014    (White Paper) Designing For The Deluge – (CSCW Conference 2014)

Jan 21, 2014    (Article) Why We Should Turn to Technology When Disaster Strikes – Huffington Post

Dec 15, 2013    (Article) ‘Yolanda’ reveals social media’s vital role – Manila Bulletin

Dec 03, 2013   (Article) Disaster: New Yorkers Rebound a Year On from Sandy” – New Zealand Herald

Nov 22, 2013    (Slideshare) Social Media Report – Typhoon Haiyan – Arizona State University

Nov 12, 2013    (Article) URISA’s GISCorps Involved with Super Typhoon Haiyan Response

Oct 08, 2013    (Article) US Volunteers Use Social Media for Relief Efforts – Manila Bulletin

Sep 01, 2013    (White Paper) Digital Humanitarianism: How do social networking communities contribute…

Jul 29, 2013    (Blog) National Capital Region Social Media in Emergencies Summit –

Jul 01, 2013    (Book) Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology: Third Edition

Jun 06, 2013    (Press Release) Humanity Road Deploys to Moore Oklahoma

June 04, 2013  (Testimony)   Testimony of Christine Thompson before the subcommittee hearing: Emergency Mgt 2.0: How Social Media & New Tech are transforming preparedness, Response, Recovery and Disasters

Jun 03, 2013    (Report) Social Media in the Emergency Management Field – 2012 CNA Analysis & Solutions

Jun 01, 2013     (Report) Lessons Learned Social Media & Hurricane Sandy – DHS VSMWG

Jun 01, 2013    (White Paper) Participatory Aid Marketplace: Designing Online Channels for Digital Humanitarians

May 29, 2013   (Book) Leadership in the Open: A New Paradigm in Emergency Management

May 27, 2013    (Article) Analysis: Potential Pitfalls of Big Data – IRIN News

Mar 01, 2013   (Book) Encyclopedia of Crisis Management

Feb 18, 2013     (Article) Digitising Disasters Fro Coordinating Relief to Crowdmapping- Emergency Journalism

Jan 28, 2013    (Article)  Sandy Created a Black Hole – Emergency Management Magazine

Jan 24, 2013   (Article) Using Social Media to Enhance Situational Awareness

Jan 16, 2012   (Book) Public Response to Alerts and Warnings Via Social Media

Jan 12, 2013    (Article) Using Social Media to Enhance Situational Awareness – IJIS Institute

Jan 07, 2013     (Article) Using Social Media to Enhance Situational Awareness – Emergency Management Mag.

Dec 19, 2012     (Article) by C. Dennenmoser about RIMPAC -Emergency Management Mag. German English

Dec 19, 2012     (Video) Cat Graham – Crisis Mapping Multinational Exercises – ICCM 2012

Dec 19, 2012     (Article) Digital Disaster Response to Typhoon Pablo – National Geographic Mag.

Dec 31, 2012     (Bulletin)  Meet the Virtual Social Media Working Group PDF

Dec 11, 2012     (Article) Philippines: Google Crisis Map for Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) – Emergency Journalism

Dec 06, 2012    (Article) In Boydton, Twin Sisters Offer World of Relief – Richmond Times Dispatch

Nov 17, 2012    (Video) Hurricane Sandy Community Relief Efforts in the Rockaways – Michael Crook

Nov 09, 2012    (Blog) 10 Reasons Why There Will Now be a “Before” & “Post Sandy” –

Oct 17, 2012      (Article) Fourth Annual Crisis Mappers Conference – United Nations UN Spider News

Sep 25, 2012   (Book) Environmental Health Tracking for Public Surveillance

Sep 11, 2012     (Video) SmileCon – #SMEM Communicating in Complex Conditions

Jul 18, 2012      (Article) Emergency Response With No Geographic Limits – Domestic Preparedness Mag.

May 25, 2012    (Press Release) World’s Largest Crisis Mapping Exercise a Successful Event

Mar 26, 2012    (Press Release) Shorty Award Finalist Teams with White House

Feb 28, 2012   (White Paper) Integration of Crowdsourced Information with Traditional Crisis Management…

Nov 10, 2011    (Webcast) Social Media in Emergency Mgt Transforms Response Enterprise – Wilson Center

Nov 04, 2011   (Article) Crisis Response Game Simulates Disaster – Arizona State University Engineering News

Sep 20, 2011   (Book) Social Media, Crisis Communication, and Emergency Management: Leveraging Web 2.0

Apr 15, 2011    (Article) Boydton Town Council Welcomes Humanity Road – South Hill Enterprise

Apr 12, 2011    (Article) The World To The Rescue – USA Today

Nov 05, 2010   (Article) Digital First Responders Fight Cholera in Haiti – The Takeaway

Jul 28, 2010    (Press Release) First of its kind Digital Disaster Relief – Humanity Road Inc.

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