A Brighter Tomorrow – Spring Interns

Our internship program is cutting edge. It affords our interns the opportunity to plug into some of the newest approaches and “think teams” both domestically and internationally. Our program immerses the students in learning and using online social media techniques in combination with a self-directed work style to help improve public communications during a disaster. Interns are the future of our emergency management programs internationally and what a bright future it is. We are very pleased to introduce you to the following interns who are currently supporting our program services.

Social Media Listener (SML) Robert Peterman: Robert Peterman is a Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness major at Thomas Edison State College. His interests include national security issues, disaster planning, and disaster recovery. Robert joined Humanity Road in January 2015 and is helping to support our domestic programs such as Department of Homeland Security Virtual Social Media Working Group. Robert is acting as a social media listener while helping to manage social media accounts that promote disaster preparedness and support emergency responders. He will also be assisting with domestic initiatives taking place around the country related to Humanity Road’s mission including Operation Dragonfire. Robert tweets under @rpeterman1992.

Public Information Officer- Social Media (PIO) Laurel Jansury: Laurel Jansury, MA candidate, also joined us in in January 2015 and is a graduate student at the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs where she is pursuing a degree in International Development Studies. Her interests include humanitarian assistance and the restoration of education systems in post-emergency situations. Laurel joined Humanity Road in January 2015 and as the Social Media Public Information Officer Intern is learning about the use of social media by first responders in disaster situations and supporting our Animals in Disaster Program. She is also assisting with developing a 3W social media report for the Philippines and a communications scenario to be used at Pacific Endeavor Each year over twenty nations in the Pacific basin meet under the MCIP (Multinational Communications Interoperability Program) for a multinational communications interoperability exercise, codenamed Pacific Endeavor. The aim of the exercise is to enhance interoperability between participating nations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the international humanitarian community 2015. She tweets under @jansurlm.

Public Information Officer- Social Media (PIO) Claudia Espinosa Scholtbach: Claudia Espinosa graduated from Universidad de Chile´s Law School. She recently moved to the U.S. to expand her international experience in disaster relief and humanitarian aid. She´s interested in human rights, humanitarian law and emergency management. Claudia is serving as Public Relations and Public Information Officer for Social Media Emergency Management (SMEM). She is helping to develop our social media plan for our Animals in Disaster program area and assisting in monitoring and responding to disasters. She is developing articles for our 2014 Annual Report, as well as providing content in the form of interviews for our HR Talk blog. She tweets under @Clau_EsPiNoSa_S