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July 28, 2010PRLog — WASHINGTON, DC / BOYDTON, VA – Humanity Road, Inc has earned what is believed to be the first of its kind; 501(c)(3) tax exempt Public Charity status for a digital disaster relief volunteer organization. Humanity Road, Inc., a global citizen’s action team educates the public using Internet and mobile device technology to deliver critical preparedness and recovery information before, during and after disaster. The organization has responded to more than 40 natural and man-made disaster events globally this year including Haiti, Indonesia, Chile, United States, the Gulf of Mexico, Guatemala and the Philippines. Tax exempt status was granted to Humanity Road, Inc. by the IRS retroactive to March 3, 2010. Contributions made to Humanity Road, Inc. as of that date are now tax deductible.

“This extraordinary achievement would not have happened without the hard work and dedication of our tremendous volunteer force. We appreciate all they do to help the public before, during and after a disaster.” said Christine Thompson, President of Humanity Road, Inc.

The world will remember July 2009 through July 2010 as the pivotal year for social media. It was the year social media came of age; growing up from a playful toy into a powerful tool used by humanitarian minded individuals. Social networking and blogs uncovered the truth behind media blackouts for the Iran Election in 2009 and the Gulf Oil spill in 2010, saved lives in Iran in 2009 and Haiti in 2010 and then nurtured social media into an educational forum for disaster preparedness and response. “It was the year of the birth of Disaster 2.0, and Humanity Road is honored to have participated in its development”, added Christine Thompson.

Disaster is blind to economic, demographic, social or political status. It can happen to your neighbor next door or someone 6,000 miles away who speaks a language you don’t know. The size and nature of disasters has changed and so has the method of response and volunteerism. “There are many ways you can help from home online. Today’s technology empowers us to make a difference in the world, crossing social, political, distance, and language barriers to help those when they need it most.” said Catherine Graham, Vice President.

What’s next for Humanity Road? Ms. Graham adds “Having up to date hospital status information is a common and critical goal during any catastrophic event. We are working with local volunteers inside Haiti as well as various U.S. and Canadian Nongovernmental agencies on a project updating the public repository of hospitals inside Haiti.

Become a digital volunteer or learn more Tax deductible donations may be made online at Letters and donations can also be sent to Humanity Road, 230 Washington Street, Boydton, VA 23917. For further information, please contact

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A global digital citizen’s action team educating the public using Internet and mobile device technology to deliver critical preparedness and recovery information before, during and after disaster.