Give To Help Those Who Help Others

Giving Tuesday is a time to pause and reflect on ways to make a difference in our world. It’s a time where we reflect on the values that we esteem and take action by choosing to financially support the charitable organizations that help our communities locally and abroad. This year we hope you choose Humanity Road.

What others are saying about Humanity Road:

“This knowledgeable and well organized team is an asset to almost any team. They brought a combination of gear and savvy that brought communications to Big Pine, re-connecting residents with their worried families elsewhere”

“Amazing People! Amazing Team! Amazing Work! It was a HUGE HONOR to partner with Humanity Road on disaster relief in the Caribbean with the many storms that they faced last year. They are excellent with resources and passion. I love what they do and what they stand for with such excellence! I thank them sincerely and know they will continue to do amazing work!”

About Our Work:

Improving communications and information sharing helps local teams on the ground to stage and respond to disaster faster and more effectively. Humanity Road launched in 2010 to fill an important gap in disaster communications. We knew that we needed to take action to support the public with improved situational awareness and communications. Since that time, we have achieved worldwide recognition for our work in disaster response and have been viewed as the benchmark in excellence. In January, we will celebrate our 10th anniversary. We need your donation to continue that work. With the support of our donors and volunteers, we have been able to deploy into areas heavily impacted.

Did you know that Humanity Road President Christine Thompson was selected among the Top 100 Difference Makers by TIAA, recognizing only 100 individuals working in the nonprofit sector who have made significant contributions in their communities and throughout the world.

This giving season, give to help those who help others. Visit to donate now.

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