How do I join the Humanity Road Team

How do I join the Humanity Road team as a volunteer?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • 1. Complete your Profile
  • 2. Attend Orientation and required training
  • 3. Join our work spaces and teams.

What types of volunteer roles do you have?


Below are just some of the teams and projects that we are involved with around the world:

  • Disaster Response Team Uses the internet and social media to research disasters, amplify verified information, and search for and respond to urgent needs.
  • Animals in Disaster Team Amplifies preparedness and disaster relief information for animal owners including pets, livestock, aquariums and zoos.
  • Disability, Accessibility & Functional Needs (DAFN) Team Shares preparedness and response information for vulnerable populations (people with disabilities, seniors, pregnant women, children, people with health issues, etc.) (uses hashtag #DAFN)
  • Weather Ready Nation (WRN) Team Provides weather-related preparedness information on social media using #WRN.
  • Internal Drills Team Creates and leads virtual internal drills that give volunteers a chance to practice disaster response skills.
  • Creative Arts Team Creates graphics for social media messaging, website, blogs, reports, etc.
  • Fundraising Team Develops fundraising projects to increase donations and assists with grant proposals.
  • Technology Team Assists with website administration and development, database development, marketing, and other technology-based projects.
  • Mapping Team Help us track and map various disaster data


  • Social Media Listener In between disasters we still need to monitor and respond to questions from the public. This volunteer helps us with administering social media accounts, posting information, and responding to comments and questions.
  • Public Relations, Blogging, Report Writing Write press releases and blogs, assist with other reports.
  • Translators Translate social media posts, website content, conduct research in local languages for disaster preparedness and monitoring
  • Special Projects We can organize projects with volunteers who have specific interests they would like to explore.
  • Ambassador on Facebook Help us maintain our Facebook updates.
  • Ham Radio Operators Help us track and report on important Ham responders and radio frequencies
  • jAidDog – tweet as our Mascot and help with pet safety.