Humanity Road Joins FEMA Tech Corps

Today FEMA launched an innovative national volunteer program to enhance disaster response and recovery efforts Nationwide.

Cisco Systems, Google, Humanity Road, Information Technology Disaster Resource Center, Intel, Joint Communications Task Force and Microsoft have joined FEMA’s new Tech Corps program

Today marked a highlight for Chris and I as we attended a special signing ceremony at FEMA Headquarters. Top technology companies are stepping up to help when disaster strikes by supporting FEMA’s Tech Corps pilot program.

FEMA is conducting the pilot project to incorporate voluntary technology resources as part of the disaster response program. Humanity Road provides surge support services for disaster response, preparedness and process improvement. On our way to the meeting Chris and I talked about the benefits of the program. This pilot program will strengthen and help facilitate the whole community approach.

Technology is integral to nearly every aspect of modern life in the United States, including disaster response. Today’s success marks a key milestone for our organization. And it proves the value of community engagement and service in complex conditions and reinforces the hard work by our volunteers. We wish to thank our volunteers, supporters and partners who help ensure that no matter where you are, we are here to help when disaster strikes.

The launch of this program is a promise of what is possible, however, it’s going to take work. We will never know what disaster we will face together, but what we do know is that we are better prepared by uniting in the cause with such a great team. We are up for that challenge and are looking forward to working together.

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