Pacific Endeavor Helping our Neighbors

When disaster strikes, helping our neighbor may be crucial for their survival, and in the world of disaster our neighbor could be next door or 2,000 miles away. Often military resources are deployed to assist with transport and treatment of injured, or delivery of critical resources.

Communications is key to effective coordination but can be a challenge in a multinational response. On August 26 – 30, Cat Graham, with Humanity Road will be participating in Pacific Endeavor 2013 in Thailand. Each year over twenty nations in the Pacific basin meet under the MCIP (Multinational Communications Interoperability Program) for a multinational communications interoperability exercise, code named Pacific Endeavor.

The aim of the exercise is to enhance interoperability between participating nations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the international humanitarian community in order to enable greater collaboration on communication systems for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Below are videos, that explains a little about this groundbreaking program. We are very honored and pleased to be a part of this innovative program, which is sponsored by U.S. Pacific Command. You can follow U.S. Pacific Command on twitter @PacificCommand