Ridgecrest Earthquake Activation

Humanity Road is activating to support Ridgecrest and Trona in response to the earthquakes that struck on July 4 and July 6. We are partnering with Viva Global Rescue who is an operating animal rescue, health and wellness program . The Volunteer Veterinary Team is now set up and functional the Red Cross Shelter in Ridgecrest (inside Kerr McGee).

The team is currently assisting more than 50 animals at the shelter location with another 50 calls for wellness visits.

How can you help?

1. Give – make a donation to support their daily response teams – Become a Patron https://www.patreon.com/Vivarescue

Many animals have been harmed or injured in the recent Ridgecrest earthquakes. We are currently trying to assemble a team of rescuers to be dispatched out there to assist. Right now we are in need of: •BOG team




•Gas cards

•A/C, PD, FD contacts ➡️ If you can help with any of the above contact our dispatcher at 310-808-5943