Tribute to Volunteers of Humanity Road

In the world’s worst disasters, our volunteers have saved thousands of lives by taking one small step at a time. This is their story.
As the crisis in Nepal unfolded I began coordinating international deliveries of donated medical supplies, live mapping areas of need for responding agencies, and working shoulder to shoulder with dedicated people to sort through thousands of social media messages. I was proud to play a part in a few success stories” – Corey

“As a volunteer it brings me joy to help Humanity Road. The way this team springs into action to help those who need help is simply amazing. Their training and exercises are like none I have ever attended. This work gives me purpose in life to help others.” – Crystal

Humanity Road is one of the most inspiring and relevant non profits that I have worked with in recent times. – Yogita

I’ve been a volunteer with Humanity Road since the Haiti earthquake. I’ve seen first-hand the good they do — lives saved, people and relief organizations helped, the public informed with first aid advice and other life-saving information. It has been and continues to be an honor to volunteer with them — the most rewarding “work” I have ever done. – Toni

I have served on the board of directors of Humanity Road, Inc., since its founding in 2010. Since that time, I have seen our spontaneous team of volunteers take the germ of an idea and grow it into a disciplined and efficient organization that is a recognized leader in the field of using social media tools to improve the information available to first responders and to assist individuals impacted by sudden onset disasters. I am extremely proud of the dedication, professionalism and hard work of my colleagues and our global team of volunteers. – Cary

“One of the most valuable attributes any of us can ask for is professional reliability and Humanity Road is there, every time. Speaking for my own teams, remembering far-away nights in the dark linked only by satellite phone, Cat and her volunteers have our deep thanks.”

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