Our impact

Highlights of major program activities around the world.

Program Highlights 2013

Disaster Response – Volunteers responded to 201 emerging events in 2013. We deployed staff onsite to support a local community in Colorado by request after a tornado outbreak. In November we were activated by request of five separate official response organizations after Super Typhoon Haiyan. More than 100 people were rescued in the Philippines after Super Typhoon Haiyan. And over 10,000 people received critical direct aid through our disaster response activities.

Disaster Preparedness – Participated in disaster preparedness exercise for a major USA port for a WMD. For the second consecutive year, participated in the Pacific Endeavor exercise. Collaborated on the creation of a Zombie theme based disaster preparedness exercise for New Zealand.

Process Improvement –

Recognized in the top 5 percent of charities listed in Guidestar with a Gold Exchange Participant rating.  And for two years in a row has been named a Top Nonprofit by Great Nonprofits and in 2013 was recognized in the top 30 disaster aid nonprofits. Joined the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) Secretariat of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) sub-Working Group on Emergency Telecommunications (WGET).  We became a coordinator for the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN) and co-chair for the Department of Homeland Security Virtual Social Media Working Group (DHS VSMWG)


Program Highlights 2012

Disaster Response – Volunteers contributed over 20,000 hours of service and responded to 312 emerging events in 2012. We deployed online to support MD state emergency management with monitoring social media after Super Storm Sandy.  And by request of a local community deployed onsite communications services that supported 48,000 residents in New York. We relayed a request for rescue that saved 60 more people from flood waters in the Dominican Republic. We were named a top disaster response nonprofit by Great Nonprofits and recognized by Guidestar for transparency in financial reporting.


Disaster Preparedness – Participated in Pacific Endeavor – Multinational Communications Interoperability Program (MCIP) Exercise. Created and managed the largest social media crisis mapping exercise for RIMPAC. Participated in the first Humanitarian Aid / Disaster Response (HA/DR) Exercise for RIMPAC.


Process Improvement – Invited as a member of the Department of Homeland Security First Responders Communities of Practice as a member of the Virtual Social Media Working Group (VSMWG). The mission ofthis group is to document lessons learned in theuse of social media for emergency management. Humanity Road was also invited to participate in the FEMA Innovation Team.


Program Highlights 2011

Disaster Response – Volunteers contributed more than 17,000 hours of service. Chicago – Relayed urgent needs to CERT team during Crisis Mapping response team effort after SNOMG blizzard. East Coast USA  – Joint support for crisis mapping after Hurricane Irene. New Zealand – Conducted media monitoring training for largest online volunteer media monitoring team – Christ Church

Disaster Preparedness



Program Highlights 2010

Disaster Response – In our founding year volunteers responded to 72 events in 53 countries including events in 33 states and territories for the USA. Volunteers published the first online list of hospitals, where status was confirmed, and the first online reference of Creole First Aid instructions.

Disaster Preparedness – Collaborated and participated in the first social media exercise X24; participants included 12,500 people from 79 nations and 90 U.S. government, non-government organizations. Supported the first UNOCHA crisismapping exercise drill and supported the Great Shakeout 2010.

Process Improvement – Developed and launched the first all-digital social media emergency response team. Developed and launched the first digital volunteering code of conduct.

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