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Interested in doing a story on our work?  Humanity Road is an award winning and innovative Public Charity online volunteer organization. Volunteers with Humanity Road are trained to educate people and animal owners about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area.  Below you will find some links to our press kit.  Media inquiries: Contact Us  We are happy to talk with the media about the inspiring work done by Humanity Road and its volunteers.

The following materials are provided for background.

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As we are frequently asked for a quote regarding our activities there are several below for reference and reuse.


“Everyone should be able to call for help and somebody should hear that call”. – Christine Thompson, President

“There are many ways you can help from home online. Today’s technology empowers us to make a difference in the world, crossing social, political, distance, and language barriers to help those when they need it most.”

– Catherine Graham, Vice President

“Providing the public with information on where to receive aid is as important as receiving the aid itself”

– Christine Thompson, President

“Sometimes when calls can not go through, the use of text messaging and updating social media status can help reunite loved ones impacted by disaster.”

– Christine Thompson, President


Without the quick and timely assistance from HR, we wouldn’t have been able to provide NWS Norman with near real-time results as to reach and geographic location of its Twitter Tornado Drill.” — John Butler, Team Leader, Oklahoma Virtual Operations Support Team / volunteer, City of Altus (OK) Emergency Management Agency.

“Looking at the nascent organization’s impact, and building off Hess and Ostrom’s concept of a “knowledge commons,” we view Humanity Road acting—in both their educational role and through their consistent work to shape the information space after disaster events into a usable resource—as stewards of the commons.” – Kate Starbird

“Humanity Road volunteers played a key role in communicating the initial outbreak and subsequent spread of the 2010 cholera epidemic in Haiti. Their effort was essential in informing government agencies and non-profit organization about disease risk and available resource.”  – John Brownstein, Assistant Professor Harvard Medical School, and founder of Healthmap

“Humanity Road volunteers are on the leading, bleeding edge of the future of emergency communications.  They are pioneers in the development of an interactive global village with the kind of knowledge and experience that we need to understand humanitarian crisis in the world today.” – Rebecca Goolsby, Ph.D. Program Officer, Office of Naval Research

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