Training and Workshops

Learn About SMEM Training

Are you planning a conference and looking for engaging workshops for conference attendees?  Is your community planning a preparedness day? Or do you have a need to provide training to your emergency management team on the use of social media in disaster? We can help.

Workshops: Humanity Road Hands On Workshop Series TM is a unique and highly effective training program that is customized for your needs.  Social Media Emergency Management (SMEM) Training is customized for half day, full day or multi-day training. #HRHow Series curriculum includes training for monitoring social media, crisis mapping and micro tasking. Or Introduction to Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST) and how your community can leverage surge support resources in disaster.

To learn more about Humanity Road’s disaster preparedness and social media training, including crowdsourcing and crisis mapping, please send an inquiry to

EM Deck

Tabletop Exercises: : EMdeck provides a unique and engaging approach to training others about the use of social media during disaster.  This fun deck of cards is a great training aid that helps instructors engage students on building their social media awareness skills quickly.  It is especially handy for table top disaster response exercises. This deck and game was developed and published by Humanity Road.  This strategy game is a seventy eight card deck with three practice modules and two role playing exercises.  This deck is a perfect tool for VOST teams, Emergency Management or NGO agencies.  Inspire discussion with your stakeholders at a conference, meeting or tabletop event.  The practice modules can be done with our without internet connectivity.

Disaster Preparedness Exercises

Tabletop, Virtual or Full Scale, if you are planning an exercise we can help you incorporate social media aspects into your event.  We have participated in both national and multinational preparedness exercises including Camp Roberts Relief, Exercise 24 Europe, Pacific Endeavor, and RIMPAC, and have provided instructional workshops and tabletop exercises for numerous local emergency responders. Humanity Road is proud to be a member of the Department of Homeland Security Virtual Social Media Working Group, the Digital Humanitarian Network, and the FEMA Innovation Team.

To learn more about engaging Humanity Road for your disaster preparedness exercise including crowdsourcing and crisis mapping, please send an inquiry to

Previous Exercise and Workshop Examples:

  • Twitter:  Crowd simulation:  RIMPAC 2012 CAUSEIII,  Read more in Success Stories,
  • Multinational Social Media Emergency Management exercises  – X24 & X24 Europe, RIMPAC 2012, Pacific Endeavor
  • Conference:  Emergency Management New Zealand Zombie Social Media Exercise #ZombieEMNZ
  • Master Scenario Event List MSEL’s Injects development, subject matter expert White Cell:  Pacific Endeavor 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Live Monitoring during Broward Port Exercise, CAUSEIII
  • Conference training:  Broward Citizen Corps Conference  2012, 2013, 2014
  • VOST Workshop:  Brevard County 2013, Broward County 2014
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