Hurricane Maria

Summary of Hurricane Maria Disaster Response

We fulfilled six activations including two special communications reports for the public and 4 private reports for our partners. We helped facilitate the delivery of 1500 Aquapure filters into Puerto Rico translating to 525,000 Liters of clean water and 2800 Sawyer water filters throughout the Caribbean translating to approximately 243,000 gallons of clean water every day.

1. Public Activation: Puerto Rico, published and shared two special reports on the status of widespread communications outages across Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands

2. Monitored for urgent needs including status of power, communications, medical needs, fuel

3. Provided situation reports on daily briefing calls including NBEOC

4. Collaborated with HealthCare Ready in routing urgent medical needs for resolution

5. Collaborated with Team Rubicon requesting their support for medical needs

6. YachtAid Global Activation: Information needs and operational support for Caribbean relief efforts. Providing wash cluster needs for potable water across 15 islands.


Below are reports of impacts on islands in the Caribbean most affected by Hurricane Maria. Nations included in the report are Dominica, the Dominica Republic, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. The report also includes useful information links for the Caribbean and islands impacted. Information stems from social media and public domain sources. Humanity Road activated its Digital Disaster Response Team on Tuesday, September 18, 2017 to monitor Maria and published Situation Report No 1 on September 20.

Hurricane Maria rapidly intensified to a Category 5 hurricane on September 18 and made a direct landfall on the island of Dominica. It caused serious structural damage in Dominica and knocked out power and communications source. Maria made a second landfall at 6:15am, September 20 in Yabucoa, in southeastern Puerto Rico, as a Category 4 storm with winds of 155mph source. Power and communications are out in Puerto Rico, and the island has sustained severe structural damage.

  • Humanity Road Hurricane Maria Sitrep No 2, Sep 22, 2017.pdf
  • Humanity Road Hurricane Maria Sitrep No 1, Sep 20, 2017.pdf




Sep 22

  • Dominica
    • Communication to many parts of the island remains difficult, and some villages can only be accessed by boat or helicopter. The east coast where indigenous people live has not been reached. Needs include food, water, infant supplies, shelters, and building materials and equipment. Many schools have been destroyed, and the intensive care unit at the hospital in Roseau has been destroyed. Visitors and non-residents are being evacuated. See Dominica section of this report for more information.
  • Dominican Republic
    • The northern part of the country, especially Duarte province, has experienced severe flooding. Communications and power has been knocked out in some places, and hundreds of people have been displaced. Hospitals and shelters in the region do not have power, generators, or medicines. For more information, see the Dominican Republic section.
  • Guadeloupe
    • The southern coast of Guadeloupe is the most affected area. The military is currently clearing roads and debris. 40% of the island is without power, which is also affecting running water. The nursing home EHPAD and the AUDRA dialysis center in Grande Terre are affected. See Guadeloupe section for more information.
  • Puerto Rico
    • The island of Puerto Rico remains without power, and many people have no communications. San Juan Airport has opened for military relief flights. 25% of the island now has water service, and mobile communications equipment is being flown in. Fuel is available but is being reserved for emergency personnel. About 70,000 people had to be evacuated on Sep 22 due to a breach of the Guajataca Dam in western Puerto Rico. See Puerto Rico section for more information.
  • US Virgin Islands
    • All ports in USVI remain closed, and the airports on St Croix and St Thomas are closed. The Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center in St. Croix has been damaged and is being evacuated. About 600 people on St Croix are in shelters. See USVI section for more information.




Situation Reports



  • NOAA Hurricane Maria webpage
  • International Association of Emergency Managers Unified Information Portal. source
  • Reports from agencies responding to Hurricane Maria posted on Relefweb. source
  • Caribbean – Hurricane MARIA Update (DG ECHO, GDACS, NOAA, UNOCHA, COGIC, Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 22 September 2017). source
  • UNOCHA The​ ​Caribbean:​ Hurricane Season Situation Report No. 7 (as of 18 September 2017). source
  • Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) Reports: websitetwitterfacebook
    • CDEMA Hurricane Maria Situation Report No 1, Sep 20, 2017 source
  • Healthcare Ready Situation Reports. source
  • ChildCare Aware of America situation reports
    • Hurricane Maria Situation Report, Sep 21, 2017. source
  • International Federation of the Red Cross dashboard. source



  • American Red Cross shelter map (includes shelters for Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands). source
  • RxOpen – map of open and closed pharmacies in Puerto Rico. source
  • Caribbean: Areas exposed to Hurricanes Irma and Maria (as of 20 Sep 2017). source
  • Caribbean | Tropical Cyclone Maria – DG ECHO Daily map | 18/09/2017. source
  • Open Street Map, maps for Caribbean. source





  • Facebook Safety Check, Hurricane Maria: page
  • American Red Cross Safe and Well: website, Spanish, 1-800-733-2767
  • Red Cross Netherlands Safe and Well: website
  • International Red Cross – to locate missing or injured family members, call 844-782-9441 or use the International Reconnecting Families Inquiry Form.
  • British Virgin Island Safety Check: website
  • Dominica:
    • Call Q95FM Radio: 305-906-4216, 767-448-5822. They are sharing updates about impacts and people who are missing and ok. listen livesource
    • Send email to Health and Welfare Traffic: source
  • Puerto Rico:
    • Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration: Cruz Roja Americana, 1-800-733-2767
    • Loved Ones in Puerto Rico – Check In: facebook group
    • Puerto Rico Maria Updates: facebook group
    • Hurricane Maria-Vieques-Unaccounted for Loved Ones. facebook group
  • US Virgin Islands:
    • American Red Cross Safe and Well: website, 1-800-733-2767
    • St Croix Hurricane Maria Check In: facebook





Situation Updates:


Sep 21-22:

    • Sep 22 – The evacuation of visitors and non-residents from Dominica is in progress (photos). source
    • Sep 21 – 15 people have died and another 16 are reported missing. Needs include tarpaulins, blankets, water and food supplies. Shelter is also needed. People stockpiled food but most of it is wet and flooded. Helicopter services are critically needed so they can drop water and supplies for babies and infants. Many schools have been destroyed. Communication to many parts of the country is impossible, and there are some villages that can only be accessed by sea or helicopter. The government has not yet been able to access the east coast of the country where the indigenous people reside. source
    • Prime Minister Skerritt will travel to New York on Sep 22 to address the United Nations to seek help from the international community. source
    • Local Facebook video of walk down Newtown Highway. Shows long line of people waiting at a relief hub for food. source
  • NEEDS:
    • Food, water, roofing materials, lumber, plywood, windows, doors, nails, roofing screws, generators (5kva to 10kva), chainsaws with cans, oil, fuel, communications equipment, tarps/Plastic sheeting, hygiene kits/comfort kits, medical supplies, baby supplies (formula/baby food), wipes, diapers, adult pampers, water purification kits, fuel, energy biscuits, cots, mattresses, portable stoves, flashlights/batteries, solar lanterns, kitchen sets, collapsible water containers (gallon). source
    • Call Q95FM Radio: 305-906-4216, 767-448-5822. They are sharing updates about impacts and people who are missing and ok. listen livesource
    • Send email to Health and Welfare Traffic: source
      • Sep 21 – There is no electricity in the main hospital. The nurses have been working 96 hours non stop. The Intensive Care Unit (IC) has been totally destroyed. source
      • Sep 22 – Telecommunications services are being restored with the latest word being that there is mobile service available for some people. source
      • Sep 20 – The World Food Programme (WFP) is sending VSAT links. source
      • Sep 20 – The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has delivered 3 BGANS and 5 satellite phones for relief teams. source
    • RELIEF
      • The U.S. Navy amphibious ship USS Wasp arrived off the coast of Dominica on Sep 22 with two embarked SH-60 Sea Hawk helicopters. It will support USAID-led assistance to the government of Dominica over the next 24 hours. source
      • WFP staff arrived in Dominica on Thursday (9/21) and are assessing food security, setting up emergency telecommunications support, and serving as communications cluster lead. They also dispatched a UNHAS flight and are awaiting clearance to deploy HEBs and IT equipment. source
      • A ShelterBox Response Team is currently on its way to Dominica. source
      • United Nations organizations are sending teams to Dominica. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has deployed a team to support relief efforts along with UNOCHA, USAID/OFDA, and UNICEF. The Pan American Health Association (PAHO) is in contact with the Chinese Embassy who built the hospital in Roseau. UN Women is sending dignity kits. source

    Sep 20:

      • Reportedly 90% of buildings have been destroyed. source
      • So far 8 deaths have been confirmed. source
      • There is no electricity or running water. source
      • Update: 1:45 #Dominica via Ham Radio Airport is ok. Homes in some areas: 95% have roof damage. source
      • Many buildings serving as shelters lost roofs, which means that a very urgent need now is tarpaulins and other roofing materials. All available public buildings are being used as shelters; with very limited roofing materials evident. source
      • Little contact has been made with the outer communities but persons who walked 10 and 15 miles towards the city of Roseau from various outer districts report total destruction of homes, some roadways and crops. source
      • Reports of damages by towns. source
      • The main general hospital in Roseau took a beating. Patient care has been compromised. source
      • The Roseau hospital is asking persons that are sick to not come to the hospital, because the hospital is out of service. source
      • All communication lines are currently down. Information is being relayed through satellite phones. source
      • Echolink – active traffic on Node J62DX being relayed from a local repeater. source
    • NEEDS:
      • Urgent helicopter services are needed to take food, water and tarpaulins to outer districts for shelter. Canefield airport can accommodate helicopter landings. Also needed are roofing and building materials and bedding supplies. source
      • The Saint Lucia Red Cross stands ready to accept donations of items for Dominica. Items needed: water, canned goods, non perishable food, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, disposable diapers/pampers, Depends, sanitary napkins/pads, baby wipes, rubbing alcohol, antibiotic creams, antiseptics, toiletries, bleach, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, batteries, flashlights, buckets, clothes. source
      • The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is supporting Dominica. Saint Lucia and Antigua have been identified as the main staging points for international relief. Both countries have agreed to waive all landing charges, as well as any other charge that they would normally apply to goods. Both Saint Lucia and Antigua have allocated storage facilities to collect relief aid. Saint Lucia’s Hewanorra International Airport, located in Vieux Fort, will be the focal point for large shipments, and two Venezuelan helicopters have already been identified to fly from Hewanorra to Canefield Airport, the smaller of Dominica’s two airports. Cargo contained in the helicopters will be distributed from Canefield Airport. source
      • The port in Roseau, Dominica’s capital city, is scheduled to open later today, 20 September, allowing ships to bring relief. source
      • Marigot: Airport surprisingly clear and may be operational within days. source
      • All attempts are being made to rapidly evacuate visitors stranded on the island, with plans to transport them first to Roseau and then to Saint Lucia. source
      • Ross Medical School is expected to begin a series of boat evacuations tomorrow. source
      • Aerial video of damage. source
      • Local videos from Roseau. source
      • Photo – Glo-Glo in Castle Bruce. source
      • Aerial photos. source

    Useful Links:

    • Population: 73,897, source
    • Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica: website
    • Prime Minister of Dominica: facebook
    • Dominica Hurricane Maria Disaster Relief: facebook
    • Hurricane Maria – Dominica Amateur Radio Communications Page: facebook
    • Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net (CEWN): website
    • Digicel Dominica: twitter
    • FLOW Dominica: twitter
    • Dominica News Online: facebook
    • Reliefweb Dominica Map
    • Pacific Disaster Center Map



Situation Updates:

Sep 22:

  • The international border is closed between Dajabon, DR and Ouanaminthe, Haiti district along with Jimaní, DR and Haitian Malpasse district; source
  • The Santa Ana District of San Francisco de macorís (Duarte Province) was flooded to the rooftops by the rise of the Jaya River. Homes are damaged and full of mud. source
  • Miches in El Seibo Province was affected and has structural damage. source
  • In Loma Atravesada, housing and agricultural crops have been damaged. source
  • Nagua – 103 families in the community of Boba, in the municipal district Las Gordas, in Nagua, lost everything due to flooding. They will be evacuated. In Nagua, there are about 25 communities with no communications and houses destroyed by flooding. source
  • Thirty houses were affected in Puerto Plata by waves and strong winds. source
  • Homes were flooded in Santa Lucia and Santa Filomena. source
  • Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and shelters do not have electricity or generators. Doctors helped 2 women give birth using flashlights. source

Sep 21

  • 9,990 IDPs; 70 open shelters in with 3,713 people. source
  • Photos and video of people on rooftops in flooded San Francisco de macorís. sourcesource

Useful Links:



Situation Updates:

Sep 22:

  • 40% of the island is without power due to flooding and winds. The southern coast is the most affected. The Guadeloupe Adapted Military Service Regiment is aiding with cleanup and recover. source
  • The Minister of Overseas France, Annick Girardin, said, “Within two to three days, things will be back to normal in the Islands of Guadeloupe”; two lives were lost; Guadeloupe Pole Caraibe Airport is 100% operational having sustained minimal damage; minor damage but heavy rains and winds affected the south of Basse Terre, Les Saintes and Marie Galante; some localized flooding occurred in Pointe-à-Pitre, Grande Terre; Des Hotels et Des Iles Group is functional. source
  • Some roads in Basse-Terre are still closed; Department 23 road open only from 16:00 to 7:00 local time for work to be completed in the day time until 6 October; Bourceau to Pigeon Bouillante Bridge is closed due to rocks, trees, and other debris until early next week; Department 6 road between Vieux-Fort and Rivière-Sens is closed until further notice; source
  • 2 persons missing; less than 100 million Euro estimated damage; France will declare state of disaster on Saturday; insurance claims will be extended until 30 October from the usual 10 day post-declaration period; source
  • Îles des Saintes, in the extreme south, was particularly devastated with many of its 1,700 residents needing to rebuild. source
  • There are problems with running water due to power outages. The nursing home EHPAD and the AUDRA dialysis center in Grande Terre are affected. source
  • Approximately 60,000 households are without power. 20,000 lines are expected to be fixed by the end of the day. Passenger ferries and shipping routes have resumed with the islands of La Désirade, Les Saintes, and Marie-Galante. 150 FORMISC soldiers deployed to clear roads and secure homes. 140 RSMA (Adapted Military Service) soldiers are deployed, and 60 Guyanese soldiers are deployed. source

Sep 20:

  • France is to declare a ‘natural disaster’ for Guadeloupe, a move that is a vital step for victims to secure compensation. source
  • Almost all the banana plantations on the island have been affected. source
  • San Jorge Children’s Hospital reports they are open source

Sep 19:

  • One death has been reported along with 2 missing people. source
  • Photos of trees down and minor structural damage. source
  • Video of flooding and rescue. source
  • Photos of some damage at Pointe-à-Pitre marina. source
  • Video of flooding in Belle Plaine au Gosier. source

Useful Links:



Situation Updates:


Sep 21-22:

    • The Guajataca Dam in western PR failed on Sep 22, and a flash flood warning was declared for Isabela and Quebradillas. source Some 70,000 residents in the Isabela and Quebradillas were evacuated by bus after a crack appeared in the nearly 90-year old dam. source
    • According to the Governor on Sep 22, 25 % of the island now has water service. Communication is expected to be restored in less than 72 hours to almost the entire island. There is gasoline in the country, but is being restricted to emergency and security vehicles. The Army is activated. 14 deaths have been reported. source
    • The airport in San Juan is now open for military relief flights. source
    • Power outages remain at 95-100% of the country. source
    • American Red Cross shelters in Puerto Rico. source
    • So far, 13,000 refugees, 392 pets and 158 shelters have been reported source
    • 90% of the wooden and zinc houses in the municipality of Vega Alta were lost. source
    • Morovis suffered severe landslides throughout the territory. source
    • The bridge at barrio San Lorenzo collapsed, and no one can reach the barrios of Pasto, Vagas, and San Lorenzo. There is flooding at Escuela Josefa del Río which is being used to shelter 90 people. source
    • Updated information list on impacted areas. source
    • Aerial video of Yabuoca, Emajuana, Patillas, Arroyo and La Costa Sureste. source
    • Video of damage in Cayey. source
    • Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration: Cruz Roja Americana, 1-800-733-2767
    • Loved Ones in Puerto Rico – Check In: facebook group
    • Puerto Rico Maria Updates: facebook group
    • Hurricane Maria-Vieques-Unaccounted for Loved Ones. facebook group
    • Mobile communications systems are being flown in, but it will take a while before people can contact family outside of the island. source
    • Optical Fiber on Ave. Ponce de Leon is offering free wifi for people. source
    • NWS San Juan is back online. SNM is back online. #prwx #usviwx source
    • Sep 21 – The VA Caribbean Healthcare System (VACHS) has begun recovery operations. The telephone switchboard is out of service. Veterans with health-related questions can contact the VISN 8 TELECARE number at 1-877-741-3400.Outpatient services of the San Juan VA Medical Center are closed, but inpatient services are fully operational. All Outpatient Clinics are closed. A toll-free number 1-866-233-0152 has been established for employees in the impacted areas to report their status. The phone line will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. source

Sep 20:

  • Hurricane hotline for Puerto Rico – if you have family and want to make sure they are okay, this is the number that’s being provided: (877) 976-2400 source
    • In the neighbourhood of the northern coastal city of Catano, known as Juan Matos, it is reported that 80% of the buildings have been destroyed. source
    • Half of San Juan is flooded. source
    • 100% of the electricity to the entire island is out, confirmed a spokesman for the Puerto Rico governor’s office source. Only buildings with generators have power. source It could take months to restore electricity. source
    • Flash floods emergency has been declared for the Rio Grande de Manati in central Puerto Rico where river levels are at record highs. source
    • 884 thousand customers of @AEEONLINE are withouts light currently in Puerto Rico. source Update: According to director @AEMEAD1, 100% of @AEEONLINE customers are without electricity in Puerto Rico. source
    • Town of Guayama is flooding heavily source
    • San Jorge Children’s Hospital in San Juan is without power and running on generators. source
    • Hospital Auxilio Mutuo, en Hato Rey has damages and flooding. source
    • Flooding at Hospital del Maestro. source
    • The Emergency Wing at Bayamon Regional Hospital flooded, and patients have been moved to higher floor. source
    • San Juan Airport damage reported source
    • Roads are blocked with debris which hinders emergency responders. source
    • Communications are down. source
    • Many people have no telephone service. source
    • Photo of chest-high flooding in Utuado. source
    • Video of flooding. source
    • Photo of damage to Arecibo Observatory. source
    • Video of flooded street in San Juan. source

Useful Links

  • Population: 3,351,827, source
  • Humanity Road Puerto Rico twitter list.
  • Government: website, list of Hurricane Maria resources
  • Emergency Management: website twitter
  • Police: website
  • Puerto Rico Red Cross: website twitter
  • National Weather Service. source
  • Flash Flood Warnings Bulletin. source
  • PREPA (Puerto Rico Electrical Power National Power Authority) also known as AEE is the only power supplier in the island. It serves nearly 1.5 million customers. source The island is exposed to risk of power outage for the next months. twitter facebook
  • Local schools have been set up as shelter camps. Map of shelters and emergency numbers available in government website. source
  • The Zello app, while it requires an internet connection, has several channels dedicated to communication in the aftermath of Maria. They are Huracan Maria Ponce PR, Huracan Mariaa and Puerto Ricosource
  • UT Perry Castañeda Puerto Rico map


  • Hashtags: #MariaPR #PuertoRico #AEEHuracanes #HuracánMaria #PRwx #
  • Account: @ricardorosello (Governor), @AEMEAD1 (Emergency Management Bureau)





Sep 22:

  • American Red Cross shelters in US Virgin Islands. source
  • President Trump has approved a U.S. Virgin Islands Disaster Declaration. source
  • Updates on hotels open and closed. source
  • All USVI Ports remain closed to commercial traffic. source
  • The Governor’s leadership team is working with airline and cruise line partners, including the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, to coordinate humanitarian or mercy missions to evacuate residents, primarily those who have medical or disability conditions. source
  • Points of distribution on St Croix, St Thomas, and St John. source

St Croix

Sep 22:

  • Based on the Governor’s aerial flyover of St. Croix earlier in the day, the western and southwestern portion of the island received the greatest damage from Maria’s forceful winds and water. Much of the island’s power distribution has been compromised. source
  • The Ann E. Abramson Marine Facility pier in Frederiksted, St. Croix’s deepwater cruise ship facility, held up during the storm. The runway at Henry Rohlsen Airport has been cleared but relief flights have not yet begun. The government is working with the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association to coordinate humanitarian missions to evacuate residents, primarily those with medical conditions. FEMA urban search and rescue teams arrived on St. Croix Thursday night. source
  • Approximately 600 individuals are currently being housed in shelters across the Territory. source
  • Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center in St. Croix has been breached, and efforts are underway to evacuate all patients from the facility to the U.S. mainland. Persons with special needs in shelters will be similarly evacuated. source
  • Businesses are allowed to be open from 12:00pm-4:00pm. A few restaurants are open. Cell phone service is unreliable. Fuel is needed. source
  • The US Navy has resumed aid to USVI including the evacuation of people in need of medical care (video). source
  • Distribution centers have been set up at Cotton Valley Fire Station, Juanita Gardine Elementary School, Alexander Henderson Elementary School and the St. Croix Educational Complex. source
  • Video of damage in St Croix. source
  • Local video from St Croix including the damaged solar field. source

Sep 20:

    • A large numbers of roofs have been blown off all over St. Croix. Trees have been stripped and toppled, debris covers the streets and many roads are impassable with utility poles lying across the road. Many report flooding in their homes; blown out windows and heavy rain. Some low-lying areas have experienced rising water inside their homes. source
    • “No trees have leaves on #StCroix, Wind gust reported as high 190mph+, many homes with roof damage or loss. Of course no pwr.” source
    • Pacific Disaster Center’s “Hurricane Maria – Exposure Based on Estimated Wind Impact (USVI)| Advisory 15, 19 Sep 17 2100 UTC”. source
    • Many residents evacuated from their homes to shelters Tuesday. source
    • Logistical challenges met with positive partnerships to send shipping containers full of food, water, and other supplies. source
    • Google Crisis Response’s Weather, Hazard, and Emergency Preparedness map with locations of Preparedness Supplies. source
    • FEMA working out of Joint Forces Offices on the island and USNG, military, and other personnel will be based out of the Estate Bethlehem Military Compound; island will receive two Joint Incident Site Communications Capability systems. source
    • East End: Cell phones are not working on the east end. Satellite phones are being used for communication. source
    • Photos from the East end showing minor damage. source
    • West End: Photos from the West which was hit hard. sourcesourcesource
    • Some damage and flooding in the North. source
    • Solar field at District Court on St. Croix damaged. source
    • Video of roof and wall caving in at University of the Virgin Islands. source
    • Video of damages. source
    • Photos from Christiansted. source

St Thomas

Sep 22:

  • The St Thomas airport was damaged during the hurricanes and remains closed. source
  • FEMA is chartering cruise ship to house National Guard troops in St. Thomas. source

Sep 20:

  • St. Thomas was spared the brunt of the wind but has severe flooding. At 7 a.m. deepwater extended all the way from the waterfront to Norre Gade on St. Thomas. Frenchtown is flooded, not from the sea but from overflowing guts, from Betsy’s Bar past the French Heritage Museum. source
  • Photos of flooding on St Thomas. sourcesource
  • Video of flooding. source

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