Fiji Tropical Cyclone Winston

Humanity Road activated its response for Cyclone Winston on Friday, February 19, 2016, in advance of landfall. Below is our first situation report with local social media account information. After passing through Fiji and Tonga as a smaller and less intense storm, Tropical Cyclone Winston made a turn and headed back west towards Tonga and Fiji. As of 20 February (local FJT time), forecasts from Fiji Meteorological Services lay the path of the cyclone directly over Viti Levu (the main island of Fiji) and parts of Lomaiviti. (source)

We have updated our situation reports with a special regional report published February 24 2016 11:08am (FJT) Situation Report #4. Below are our situation reports with local social media account information.

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Situation Report: Tropical Cyclone Winston, Fiji, February, 2016

Situation Report – (period covered: 20 Feb – 22 Feb, 2016 FJT)

Prepared by: Humanity Road / Animals in Disaster     Follow: @Humanityroad / @Disasteranimals / @jAIDDog 

Situation Overview


After passing through Fiji and Tonga as a smaller and less intense storm, Tropical Cyclone Winston made a turn and headed back west towards Tonga and Fiji.  As of 20 February, the cyclone had increased to a Category 5, forecasts from Fiji Meteorological Services lay the path of the cyclone directly over Viti Levu (the main island of Fiji) and parts of Lomaiviti. (source)  At its peak Cyclone Winston was estimated by the Fiji Meteorological Service to have sustained winds of 230kmph, gusting to 325 kmph, making it the most powerful cyclone to hit Fiji since record-keeping began. (source)

As of 22 Feb, the Fiji Government has officially requested international assistance. UNOCHA, on behalf of the Pacific Humanitarian Team, is liaising with the Government to coordinate personnel, supplies and equipment.  Partners are working with the Government to quickly dispatch urgent supplies and assessment teams to Koro Island, which suffered catastrophic damage.  The Government has officially requested an UNDAC deployment. Team composition will likely include reception centre capacity, assessment capacity, report writing and civil military coordination. (source)

The National and Divisional Emergency Operations Centers in Fiji are all operational, and all response agencies, including the Military, the National Fire Authority, the Fiji Corrections Service, and the Navy are on standby.  The Fiji Volunteer First Responders are on call for medical emergencies and rescues.  The Fiji Procurement Office has been assigned to oversee logistics. (source)

UNOCHA’s humanitarian snapshot indicates 21 deaths, 12 injured, 2,300 people in evacuation centers and 150 homes destroyed (source). The Prime Minister stressed the need for a coordinated response to the relief effort by the RFMF and humanitarian agencies to avoid duplication and prevent any wastage of available resources. He said the Government was especially keen to get relief supplies to people living in rural and maritime communities. Teams have been deployed to Koro to assess the extent of the damage and provide medical services, food supply, and temporary shelter and restore utility services and telecommunications. Medical teams have also been mobilized to evacuation centers to provide health services for areas where medical services are inaccessible. The Ministry for Health is also working with humanitarian organizations to deliver medical equipment and services. (source)

As of 21 Feb, most communications are down on Koro and Taveuni Islands and in the Northern Division, but there are some unconfirmed reports of damage that have come through.  Communications are also out on Vanuabalavu, Lakeba, Cicia and Nayau in the Lau Group.  There are also some reports of damage on Ovalau, and Vanua Leva Islands.  The north coast of Viti Levu, especially Ba, Tavua, Rakiraki, and Nadi were impacted.  

Significant Updates (most recent first)

22 Feb:

  • UNOCHA humanitarian snapshot indicates 21 deaths, 12 injured, 2,300 people in evacuation centers and 150 homes destroyed (source)
  • Fiji National Emergency Operations Center Situation Report 18 PDF
  • New Zealand C-130 bringing 12 tonnes of aid & interagency damage assessment team (source)
  • An emergency health team has been set-up at the Vunivivi Methodist Church hall in Nausori. Members of the public who reside in the greater Rewa, Nausori and Tailevu areas needing emergency medical treatment are advised to visit the team there. (source)
  • Americares has deployed a team to Fiji (source)
  • UNICEF and Fiji Government teams are departing for Koro Island from Nadi tonight on the Iloilovatu.
  • 9:40 Red Cross deploying to Tailevu to distribute relief today (source)
  • 6:45 Lakeba Island – (Population 2,100) As of this time there are no updates after the storm in social media from Lakeba island. Absence of information on impacts.
  • 6:21 Savusavu severely damaged. Cars blown away, yachts on shorelines, landslides, roads damaged.(source)

21 Feb:

  • Koro Island – Kade village, all houses destroyed. Tavula village, 34 houses destroyed  (source)
  • UNOCHA Situation Report #1 published (source)
  • 20:30 Extensive damage to communications infrastructure in some parts of Fiji. But, communication is active in Suva, Nadi, Denarau and along the Coral Coast (source)
  • Prime Minister calls on Fijian private sector companies to provide relief items that could include food items, water, building materials, clothes, tents, water tanks, beddings (source)
  • Fiji Government have confirmed six deaths (source)
  • 30-day state of emergency has been declared by Prime Minister (source)
  • 15:44 FJT – Prime Minister Bainimarama confirms five casualties (source)
  • 11:27 FJT – Message just in from the Republic of Fiji Military Forces in response to REHAB operations: “All 3FIR personnel are to report to HQ 3FIR by 3pm today. All leave is cancelled. Msg fm the Commanding Officer 3FIR. RFMF Trucks will depart from Nausori police station to Suva at 3pm this afternoon to transport 3FIR personnel to QEB.” (source)

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National Links

– Fijian Government


– Office of the Prime Minister


– National Disaster Management Office (NDMO)

1 Regional House, Knolly Street, Suva, Fiji

Tel: 3319250, Website 

– Ministry of Rural & Maritime Development & National Disaster Management:

Tel: +679 331 3400, FacebookTwitter

– Fiji Meteorological Service


– Ministry of Health and Medical Services


– Fiji Police Force

Tel: +679 334 3777, WebsiteFacebook

– Fiji Ministry of Education

Tel: +679 3314477, Fax: +679 3314757, WebsiteFacebook

Regional and Local Links

Fiji is divided into Four Major Divisions which are further divided into 14 provinces. They are:

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Phone Numbers

Ambulance – 919  

Police – 911                                                                       

Fire – 917

Report downed power lines – 913 

Information Hotlines


Divisional Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Contacts

Eastern Division EOC – 7848858/7775787/9904589/9904589/3216464

Central Division EOC – 3477000/9906320

Northern Division EOC – 9307291/9994261

Western Division EOC – 6281553/9905909

Bua – people needing help can call 8280155 (source)

Reunification Numbers and Websites:

Assistance for Foreign Citizens in Fiji:

  • Directory of Foreign Offices in Fiji
  • US – U.S. Citizens with emergencies that require Embassy assistance can call the Embassy at any time on 679-331-4466 or 772-8049 (source)
  • France – French citizens who need help can call +6799921752. (source)
  • UK – British nationals who need assistance or anyone concerned about a British national can call +44 20 7008 1500. (source)
  • Canada – Canadians in Fiji: for emergency assistance, please contact our High Commission in Wellington, New Zealand at source
  • Australia – Australians in Fiji need of consular assistance should call the DFAT 24 hour Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra on +61 2 6261 3305.(source)

Maps/Situational Awareness

22 Feb:

  • International Medical Corps – Fiji Disaster map (They have mapped HR situation reports)
  • MapAction is responding to a category 5 storm which made landfall on Fiji’s northern Lau islands between 20-21 February. One highly experienced volunteer has already deployed to support the response and help identify priority needs. A second volunteer will reinforce our team in Fiji in the coming days. (source)


Shelter Updates:

22 February:

  • Ba evacuation centre with 70 others is waiting for relief 3 days after (source)
  • 5,880 people sheltering at 61 evacuation centers in the western division.  Food supplies to be provided tomorrow (source)

21 Feb:

  • 21:42 FJT – Central division has 65 evacuation centers with 1077 occupants,
    Northern Division has 12 centers with 41 people,
    Eastern Division has 6 centers with 116 people
    Western Division has 1 with 20 people. (
  • 483 people evacuated from their homes and are staying in 32 emergency shelters – number of evacuees is expected to rise (George Draso, Fiji National Disaster Management Office via tvnz).
  • 1,066 people are currently sheltered in 35 evacuation centres across Vanua Levu. (source)

Shelter Locations:

Central Division Evacuation Centers

Western Division Evacuation Centers

Eastern Division Evacuation Centers

Northern Division Evacuation Centers

Hospitals / Medical Teams

Status of Hospitals:

22 Feb:

  • Medical teams have been deployed to evacuation centres to provide medical assistance. (source)
  • An emergency health team has been set-up at the Vunivivi Methodist Church hall in Nausori. Members of the public who reside in the greater Rewa, Nausori and Tailevu areas needing emergency medical treatment are advised to visit the team there. (source)

21 Feb:

  • All major hospitals are operating however two suffered damage.
  • Part of the roof was blown off Ba Hospital and patients were relocated to other
  • A joint Health, WASH and Shelter Cluster meeting is planned for 22 February at 2pm at the NDMO in Knolly Street. (source)
  • Lautoka Hospital damage (source)
  • 09:15 FJT – Flooding at Bua Hospital (source)
  • 06:00 FJT – Power outage at Colonial War Memorial (CWM) Hospital in Suva. VFR VERT Rescue has been deployed and is supplying fuel. (source) (source)

20 Feb:

  • The Bua DISMAC office reports that the hospital wards in Bua are flooded with rain water.  The morgue is also not functional due to power shutdown with two bodies already inside it. (source)

Hospital Locations:

Fiji Ministry of Health And Medical Services Hospitals List

Urgent Needs & Relief

Relief Efforts:

22 February:

  • Australian Airforce Galaxy C-5 has arrived at Nausori Airport with urgent aid relief.

21 February:

  • Prime Minister calls on Fijian private sector companies to provide relief items that could include food items, water, building materials, clothes, tents, water tanks, beddings (source)
  • 12:17 FJT – New Zealand have dispatched a P3 Orion to conduct aerial surveillance and damage assessment, and release of NZD$170,000 worth of pre-positioned relief supplies held by non-government partners such as Rotary and UNICEF in Fiji. (source)

Vulnerable Populations

Dialysis Centers:

  • Fiji Dialysis Centre, CWM Hospital, Suva, Fiji

Email: source)


Damaged Schools:

22 February:

21 Feb:

  • Schools will be closed for one week beginning tomorrow – announcement from Ministry of Education. (source)
  • Queen Victoria School in Tailevu suffered extensive damage – dormitories have been destroyed and students have been evacuated to Nausori (source)
  • University of Fiji, Fiji National University and University of the South Pacific will be closed (22 Feb) till further notice (source)

20 Feb:

  • Koro Island – 5 teacher’s quarters in Nabasovi (Nabasovi School District) have been destroyed (source).  The school dining hall was also destroyed and a shed for the school generator. (source)

General Information:

  • Fiji Ministry of Education

Tel: +679 3314477, Fax: +679 3314757, WebsiteFacebook

  • Koro Island: Nakodu Primary School  FaceBook


Flights and Airport Status:

22 February:

  • The two main airports are now open (Nadi and Nausori)
  • Savusavu remains closed due to significant debris on the runway – expected clearance is PM 22 Feb.
  • The following airstrips are also open:
    Kadavu; Labasa; Rotuma; Labasa; Rotuma; and Gau (


Viti Levu

Nadi Airport website (Western Viti Levu – 98% of international flights fly into Nadi)

Queens Rd, Nadi, Fiji

-17.754277, 177.436780

Naursori Airport website (Eastern Viti Levu – 2nd international airport in Fiji)

-18.042477, 178.553118

Vanua Levu:

Labasa Airport

-16.469636, 179.337699

Savusavu Airport

-16.802782, 179.340346

Koro Island:

Koro Airport (grass runway Southeast coast near Nakodu Village)

-17.347215, 179.425275 Source

Maritime (Shipping, Ports)

Damage sustained

22 Feb:

  • Two main port of entres by sea to Taveuni – Lovonivonu Jetty and Salia Jetty badly damaged (source)
  • Wharfs at Savusavu and Nabouwalu on Vanua have been destroyed. (source)

21 Feb:

  • Nabuwalou Jetty damaged – Fiji Gov YouTube (video)
  • Patterson Shipping ferries Spirit of Hope and Spirit of Altruism run aground – high and dry in Natovi.  These ferries provide passenger and cargo services between two major islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. (source)

Ports in Fiji

Suva, Lautoka, Malau, Levuka, Wairiki, Rotuma

Ports Information

Tel: (679) 331 2700, Email: Government Shipping Services

Tel: (679) 3312 246, 3314322, List of Contacts

Roads, Bridges


22 February:

  • FRA’s maintenance contractors have been instructed to start mobilizing & commence repair works for Yaqara Bridge between Tavua & Rakiraki (source)
  • The public can travel via Queens Road from Suva to Lautoka only (source)

21 Feb:

  • Fiji Red Cross is providing ongoing road updates 
  • 16:00 Latest Sit Rep from Fiji Roads with Road Closures
  • Queens Road from Mt Saint Mary School to Namotomoto village and the Kings Road in Nabulini to Yaqara is now closed.  Kings Road Drasa flats and main street of Lautoka are also closed.  Fallen trees have closed roads throughout all divisions and isolated flooding is occurring. (source)

General Information:

Tel: +679 310 0114, FacebookTwitter


Status of Communication Networks

22 February:

  • Communications to Lau group of islands still not possible.
  • The Digicel network has been restored in Navua, Serua, Korolevu, Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka and Nausori. (source)
  • Telecom Fiji workers are enroute to Koro Islands with government team to restore VTSAT Satellite System for communications. (source)

21 Feb:

  • 20:30 Extensive damage to communications infrastructure in some parts of Fiji. But, communication is active in Suva, Nadi, Denarau and along the Coral Coast (source)
  • 19:36 FJT – TFL lines have been restored in Savusavu and parts of the north (source)
  • 15:08 FJT – Lautoka, Ba, Tavua and Rakiraki have limited communication. (source)
  • 14:39 FJT – Vodafone has confirmed a large number of cell sites have been damaged resulting in reduced coverage.(source)
  • 13:44 FJT – Digicel Fiji providing $5 Free Credit to call any network locally and Internationally to keep in touch with families during this time. (source)
  • 10:05 FJT – The Northern Division is currently experiencing a communications blackout. (source)
  • 09:52 FJT – Telecom Fiji Limited’s main link from Suva to Taveuni, Savusavu and Bua is currently down. This is resulting in the intermittent connection of mobile phone and landline phones in the area.  TFL is working to restore the services by tomorrow morning. (source)
  • 08:00 FJT – Most phones down on Koro Island.  Damage reported but specifics not known. (source)

20 Feb:

  • 22:53 FJT – Mobile network down in Bua. (source)
  • 16:30 FJT – All communications are down at the moment on the Islands of Vanuabalavu, Lakeba, Cicia and Nayau in the Lau Group. (source)
  • 15:00 FJT – “Emergency agencies unable to contact islands in to the Lau Group hit directly by #TCWinston – all comms down” (source)
  • 13:15 FJT – “Currently no communication with parts of Lau.” (source)
  • 12:20 FJT – “No communication on Koro Island” (source)

Communications Companies & Contact Information


Digicel Fiji Ltd

Ground Floor, Kadavu House, Victoria Parade, Suva

Fiji Islands

Tel: 7555 555, Fax: 331 0201

Digicel Customer Care until 12am , 7 days a week:

From a Digicel mobile (International): +679 700 ROAM (7626)

           From a landline: 700 3555 (charged call)

           Fax:  +679 331 0201

           Email: Telecom Fiji Unlimited

Facebook Twitter

Corporate Customer & Government: 11 21 11, Fax: 11 22 44

Small Business & Residential: 11 22 33, Fax: 11 23 33

Head office

Customer Care Central Eastern: 330 4019, Fax – Suva: 330 9699

Customer Care Western: 665 0019, Fax – Lautoka: 666 6600

Customer Care Northern: 881 4019, Fax – Labak: 881 1000

Amateur Radio:  Prefix (3D2)


Status of Water Supply

22 February:

  • Water rationing to begin in Nasinu between 10pm Monday 22 Feb and 5am Tues 23 Feb FJT. Affected areas include Tuirara, whole of Makoi, Tovata Road, Qaranivalu Road, Kalabu village, Wakanisila and nearby areas. People living in Valelevu, Naveiwakau, Khalsa Road, Newtown, upper Caubati, Caubati village, Tacirua East, Vunisinu Road, Delaivalelevu, Rokara Road, Balabala Crescent, Pilling Road, Kalabu Housing, Laqere, Muanikoso and nearby areas will also be affected. The authority said the water rationing is due to pumping issues as a result of fluctuating power supply.  Supply is expected to be restored at 6am tomorrow. (source)
  • Areas in the Suva-Nausori corridor are without water caused by a technical problem a result of a power outage on Saturday night at the main reservoir.  Water carting has been arranged.  It may take up to a week for full supply to be restored. (source)

Companies & Contact Information

Water Authority of Fiji

Northern Division: Jaduram Street, Labasa

Phone: [679]334-6777



Power & Gas

Status of Power & Gas

21 Feb:

  • 17:20 FJT – Approximately 80% of Fiji’s 900,000 people are without regular power.  About ⅓ of those are able to get some power from generators (George Draso, Fiji National Disaster Management Office via tvnz)

20 Feb:

  • 16:30 FJT – “Levuka, Savusavu and Labasa, Korovou Town are all now without power”. (source)
  • 16:15 FJT – “Powers out #nausori” (source)
  • 07:00 FJT –  Power outages are reported in Rakiraki – Nacovi – Yaquara, also in parts of Lavuci, Ba

Companies & Contact Information

Fiji Electric Authority Outages

Customer care: 132 333

Emergency: 913

Red Cross

Offices & Contact Information
National Office

Address: 22 Gorrie Street, Suva

Phone: (679) 331 4133

Fax: (679) 330 3818


IFRC Pacific country cluster support team Suva

Phone: (679) 3311 855
Ahmad Sami, acting head of CCST mobile: +679 9992487; email: 
Video Cyclone Winston 21st Feb 2016 Early Morning Flood in Lautoka


21 Feb:

20 Feb:


Facebook Accounts of Interest

Fijian Government

Ministry of Rural & Maritime Development and National Disaster Management

Ministry of Health, Fiji Islands

NOAA Satellite and Information Service

NaDraki Weather

Fiji Meteorological Service

Fiji Airways

Fiji Police Force

Fiji Red Cross Society

Fiji Red Cross Society, Suva Branch

Fiji Red Cross Levuka Branch Youth

Fiji Red Cross Society, Nadi Branch

Fiji Red Cross, Lautoka Branch

Telecom Fiji

Ministry of Education, Fiji

Fiji Roads Authority

Volunteer First Responder – Fiji

Koro Island Community

Nasau Koro Island


I’m Proud to be Fijian – Community

Fiji Aid – Tropical Cyclone Winston

Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development



Official event hashtag: #TCWinston #WinstonAftermath

Other important hashtags:  #Winston #cyclone #STCWinston #teamfiji #strongerthanWinston (In use by Fiji Gov)

Location Hashtags: #Fiji #Nausori #Koro #Suva #Taveuni #Nadi #VitiLevu


Twitter Accounts of Interest

@FijiPM – Fiji Prime Minister

@FijiRepublic – Republic of Fiji

@FijiGov_RMDNDM – Ministry of Rural & Maritime Development & National Disaster Management

@nadraki – Na Draki Weather

@FijiRedCross – Fiji Red Cross

@GavidiDan – Senior PR and Communications Official for Fijian Government

@VFRFiji – VFR VERT Rescue (volunteer community group assisting emergency services)

@FijiRoads – Fiji Roads Authority

@RoddyDrummond – British High Commissioner to Fiji

@USEmbassySuva – US Embassy Suva

@ambafrancefj – French Embassy in Fiji

@FijiAirways – Fiji Airways

@FijiTimes – Fiji Times

@FijiOneNews – Fiji One News

@FBC_News – FBC News

@FBC_TV – FBC TV, Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

@GoldFMFiji1 – radio station in Suva

@FijiSUNews – Fiji Sun News

@RNZInews – Radio New Zealand International

@SuvaFJ – Suva, Fiji Weather

@TourismFiji – Tourist Information, Hotel Status

@UNOCHA_ROP – UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Pacific

@UNICEFPacific – UNICEF Pacific

@IFRCAsiaPacific – Asia Pacific Interntl Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent

@UNOCA_ROP – UNOCHA for the Region of the Pacific

Traditional Media and Blogs




Animals in Disaster


21 Feb:

  • Animals at Fiji Nadi clinic is fine – lost their adult dog enclosure but no animals were inside at the time.  Nasoso Road is flooded so will be isolated until Tuesday.  They are yet to hear from their clinics on Taveuni Island and Savusavu.


Animal Shelters / Rescue Organizations

Nadi Clinic: (+679) 670-1012 

Savusavu Clinic: (+679) 998-6250

Tel: +679 3301266

155 Foster Road, Walu Bay, Suva City, Central, Fiji

Tel: 3301266 or 3304632, Facebook                                                                                                                      



21 Feb:

  • Tourism – Resorts status – updates provided by Tourism Fiji (As at 16:01 FJT)
  • Barefoot Manta Island safely evacuated resorts on both islands and confirmed that everyone is safe Barefoot Manta Island
  • Bedarra Beach Inn is operating as usual Bedarra Facebook page
  • @castawayFiji – all guests were evacuated prior to TC Winston to Viti Levu – no further information on when they will re-open  Castaway Fiji
  • Crusoe’s Retreat open with no damage Crusoe’s
  • Dolphin Fiji – confirmed all staff are safe and well, and resort does not seem to have sustained any major damage. Dolphin Island Fiji (@DolphinFiji) | Twitter
  • Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa – post on their Facebook page about status for guests of food services and damage assessments to take place over next few days Hilton Fiji
  • Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort is safe but without power Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort
  • Lomani Island Resort is welcoming guests and operating as normal Lomani Island Resort
  • Matana Beach Resort was not affected Dive Kadavu
  • Musket Cove Island Resort – no injuries or structural damage – resort facilities expected to be mostly operational by Wednesday 24 February  Musket Cove Island Resort and Marina
  • Octopus Resort is safe but damage to cellular towers is limiting ability to communicate. Sister resort is Paradise Cove has superficial damage, but everyone there is safe – Octopus have large backup supplies of fuel, 2 generators, substantial amount of food for emergencies and a good level of medical supplies Octopus Resort
  • Plantation Fiji Resort has not been damaged. Re-opening to guests on Tuesday 23 February. Plantation Island
  • @qamearesort – all guests and staff are safe with no structural damage Qamea Resort and Spa
  • Raffles Gateway Hotel is open and running as normal
  • @RoyalDavui Island Resort – everyone is safe and resort expects to be back up and running by 24 FebruaryRoyal Davui
  • @thepearlfiji – all guests and staff safe and well.  The Pearl South Pacific
  • Toberua Island Resort – from FB – all guests were safely evacuated to Suva.  Resort will remain closed while they clean up and hope to back open on Tuesday 23 February. Toberua
  • Turtle Fiji – guests and staff are safe – resort is now helping recovery effort in nearby towns. Turtle Island Fiji
  • VOMO Island Resort – all 50 personnel who remain on the island are safe and ok – island is looking a mess due to trees and debris. VOMO Fiji
  • Westin Denarau Island Resort and Spa, Sheraton Fiji Resort and Sheraton Denarau – sustained some damage – properties remain open with limited services available. Sheraton Resort and Spa Tokoriki Island evacuated prior to cyclone and will remain

closed until full damage assessment undertaken.  All guest stays at resort will be cancelled for next two weeks without penalty. Westin Fiji

  • Taveuni Dive Resort – reports everyone safe – staff in clean-up mode – they remail OPEN. (source)
  • The Warwick Fiji (Korolevu, Western Fiji)- Reports all guests and staff safe. Many guests are volunteering for clean-up. Report OPEN (source)

Volunteers Reporting

Alice, Cat, Chris, Daven, Aline, Joshua, Jason, Damon, Cindy, Gerald, Dana, Kathy, Susan, Claudia