Nepal August 2014 Flooding and Landslide

Situation Report for Nepal

Aug 2 – A landslide, triggered by continuous monsoon rains, caused 10 deaths, displaced 5,000 families and destroyed dozens of houses. Over 150 people were missing. The landslide was blocking the Sunkoshi river, 120km from Kathmandu, forming a lake which was threatening to cause downstream flash floods. Governments in both Nepal and India were evacuating thousands of people along the river embankment.

Situation Report: Nepal Flooding and Landslide

Situation Report  – (period covered: August 2-5, 2014)

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Situation Overview


Aug 2 – A landslide, triggered by continuous monsoon rains, caused 10 deaths, displaced 5,000 families and destroyed dozens of houses.  Over 150 people were missing. The landslide was blocking the Sunkoshi river, 120km from Kathmandu, forming a lake which was threatening to cause downstream flash floods. Governments in both Nepal and India were evacuating thousands of people along the river embankment. (source)

The affected area is Ward No 1 of Mankha VDC.  The landslide swept away the entire ward no. 1 of Mankha VDC, Jure and some houses of Jure and Ramche village.  52 houses were swept away.  Only local tools were available on the first day to dig people out.  (Source)

4 Aug Initial Situation Report

  • Aug 4 – The Government of Nepal is leading the response, with support from India and OCHA. The National Emergency Operations Centre has asked for health, food, shelter, WASH and logistics support in the most affected districts of Sindhupalanchok and Kavrepalanchowk. Led by the Resident Coordinator, cluster leads are currently reviewing contingency plans and stock piles. (source)
  • Aug 4 – As of 4 Aug, 30 bodies had been recovered, but the final death toll could be around 165 or higher. (Source🙂
  • Aug 4 – People affected by the landslide have no food, water, or shelter. (Source)
  • Aug 4 – According to the Nepal Red Cross Society, 460 persons are living in 5 shelters locally and there is need of ready to eat food. Also,there is demand of additional dead body bags. (Source)


  • Aug 3 – The massive landslide in Sindhupalchowk district on Saturday that caused an abrupt interruption in the flow of the Sunkoshi River has hit five hydropower projects downstream.
  • According to Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), there will be shortfall of 66.5MW electricity in the national grid due to the landslide.
  • Power transmission from five hydropower projects—Bhotekoshi (45MW), Sunkoshi (10MW), Sanima Sunkoshi (2.5MW), Chaku (6MW) and Bhairabkunda (3MW) has been halted temporarily. In the current situation, the shortfall of 66.5MW electricity means an increment in load-shedding by one and half hours a day. NEA said the landslide at Jure has swept away two gates of the Sunkoshi Power House headworks, according to NEA.
  • While the power house of Bhote Koshi is safe, electricity supply has been interrupted due to the damage caused in three of its transmission line towers. One of the towers was completely swept away in the landslide, while the remaining two have been partially damaged.
  • (source)
  • Aug 4 – Authorities in India have evacuated 60,000 people in the northern state of Bihar amid fears of flash floods from Nepal, officials say. Water levels in the Kosi river, which begins in Nepal, have risen steeply. A landslide there on Saturday killed 19 and left scores missing. Officials say a huge amount of water has accumulated in a lake-like formation on the Nepal side. (source)
  • Aug 4 – Emerging Hashtags – #India #Nepal #Kosi #floods #Bihar #landslide

Significant updates since last report:

  • Aug 5 – Security forces have collected 33 dead bodies.  It is assumed that still 132 people are missing (Report received from NRCS team and GoVN). Preliminary report shows that more than 52 houses are still buried under the landslide and more than 10 houses washed away, 96 people are taking shelter at Arm police force base camp, Bandeu. Total 100 people are living in relative’s homes at Barhabise and 70 people are living their relative’s homes at Lamasanghu. The security forces (Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, and Nepal Police) mobilized more than 750 personnel to open the virtual earthen dam from the river and maintain the river course.  The Nepal Red Cross has dispatched tarpaulins, blankets, hygiene kits, body bags, chlorine solution, NFRIs.  As per the report received from NRCS HQs Response Team, 125 people are evacuated at Sunkoshi Tukisan, 100 at Barbise, 68 at Itani, 54 at Kageni and 60 at Kharichaur. OXFAM, UN, LWF, IOM team have also reached the affected area. (Source:
  • Aug 5 – Bihar stops evacuation in 3 districts after easing of flood threat
  • Aug 5 – Army boat capsizes in swollen Kosi River, 15 rescued by NDRF:
  • Aug 5 – Heavy rains in Nepal on Tuesday (Aug 5) forced rescuers to halt their search for bodies buried under tonnes of mud following the deadliest landslide in the country for almost a decade, police said. Source: 
  • Aug 5 – (India) The Bihar government downgraded its alert status for nine Kosi districts, following a central assurance, that the fear of deluge had passed for the moment and Indian and Nepalese engineers were at work at Sindhupalchok district, where a landslide last Saturday, had pent up waters of the Sun Kosi.  (Source:

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Aug 5 Update

Red Cross is opening a shelter at the Agricultural Research Centre in Kathmandu. Address: Khumaltar Patan 44700 Nepal

Arm police force base camp, Bandeu – 96 people taking shelter via Nepal Redcross (Link)

Aug 4

460 persons are living in 5 shelters locally via Nepal Red Cross (Link)

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The linking road on the other side of the affected village in Mankha VDC is totally destroyed.  The road that connected Nepal with China is destroyed obstructing trade with Tibet


Aug 5 – Map: Global #Flood & #Landslide Monitoring via @NASA’s TRMM Satellite 

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