Florida Hurricane Michael 2018

Situation Report 2 was published on October 12, 2018 and is a regional report on 14 counties impacted in Florida. This report provides county and community level updates and inView Записьcludes the first communications outage report by the FCC issued October 11 as well as a link to our Humanity Road strategic heat map.

Situation Report No.1 was published on October 10, 2018 and is based on early indications in social media following landfall for Hurricane Michael on some of the counties of Florida in the United States. The report also includes official accounts and useful information links.

Humanity Road activated its disaster desk on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 in advance of landfall to amplify official guidance.

The storm made landfall on October 10 as a Category 4 hurricane near Mexico Beach, Fla., just before 1 p.m. local time. By 4 p.m., the storm was 30 miles west of Bainbridge, Ga., and had been downgraded to a Category 3, with maximum winds of 125 m.p.h. The governors of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina have all declared emergencies for at least parts of their states, encompassing tens of millions of residents. source

Download PDF Version of Situation Reports

  2018 Florida Hurricane Michael Situation Report No. 1 Oct 10.pdf

2018 Florida Hurricane Michael Situation Report 2 Oct 12.pdf

Significant Updates

Oct 12

  • County Updates: See county individual sections for significant updates for each of the 14 counties included in this report.
  • Humanity Road is activated by the U.S. Coast Guard to provide a social media strategic map. The map is publicly viewable here Humanity Road Hurricane Michael Strategic Map
  • Montgomery County Maryland CERT Team has been activated by Humanity Road to provide additional surge support for Hurricane Michael and the Strategic Map.
  • Maps: Facebook Disaster Maps Humanity Road Special Facebook Mapping Report
  • Reunification: Via Florida National Guard: There are serious communication issues in the Panhandle after Hurricane Michael. If you are worried about someone, visit https://fdoh.readyop.com/fs/4cav/bcda to report it. The State Emergency Operations Center will route these reports to the appropriate local agency for action” source
  • Power: Estimated 89,537 Tallahassee residents without power http://outagemap.talgov.com/
  • Power: Tallahassee Metro Area Power Outage Report 10-11 1800 6pm https://twitter.com/FLSERT/status/1050513202239479813P
  • Power: 3:37pm Nearly 200,000 people are without power in the area, according to information gathered from outage maps from multiple power companies. source
  • Power: Via @FLSERT: There are still areas throughout the panhandle that have downed wires and standing water. Stay away from them at all costs to avoid electrocution. source
  • Fuel: 10:52am in Florida percent gas stations without gas source
  • – Mobile-Pensacola (FortWalton) 34.87%
  • – Panama City 33.20%
  • – Tallahassee-Thomasville 21.99%
  • Water: Tallahassee the City’s water is and remains safe to drink. Source
  • Water: We are prepared to deploy 1 million gallons of water, 1.5 million Meals Ready-to-Eat and 400,000 pounds of ice to help our families being impacted by the storm. source

Oct 11

  • Comms: FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source cell towers down in for county:
    • 78.3% Bay County
    • 38.1% Calhoun County
    • 38.9% Franklin County
    • 71.0% Gadsden County
    • 69.6% Gulf County
    • 74.1% Holmes County
    • 77.1% Jackson County
    • 5.7% Jefferson County
    • 43.3% Leon County
    • 88.9% Liberty County
    • 24.4% Taylor County
    • 35.9% Wakulla County
    • 21.6% Walton County
    • 69.2% Washington County

Oct 10

  • SAR: Via Governor Scott: As soon as Michael passes, we have a massive wave of response and support coming down and around the Panhandle, including more than 1,000 search and rescue personnel and 3,500 @FLGuard troops. source
  • SAR: Louisiana state Fire Marshal Butch Browning released a crew of 90 members of the type 2 Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team with light search and rescue equipment to help once the Category 4 storm makes landfall. “The equipment will allow them to open doors, breach walls and handle minor collapses,” he said. source
  • SAR: Via Governor Bryant : The MS Office of Homeland Security has sent two search & rescue teams to FL to assist with potential emergency efforts w/ Hurricane Michael. In total, 42 personnel to serve as two swift-water rescue teams. The photos are from their training sessions to prepare for such events. source
  • SAR: Via Kissimmee Fire Department – reports that AST-501 has been given assignment. They will be leaving at midnight for Panama City and will be attached with USAR Task Force 1, 2 & 6 source

Updates For Locations Of Interest

Bay County Florida

Population 183,563

Website http://www.baycountyfl.gov/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BayCountyFLEmergencyServices

Bay County Emergency Services Twitter: https://twitter.com/BayCountyEM


Oct 11

  • 78.3% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source
  • Mexico Beach, Facebook Page
    • No updates to the City of Mexico Beach Facebook page. Significant impacts to power and communications “It was torn apart” National Guard team got into Mexico Beach and found 20 survivors overnight, and more crews were pushing into the area in the morning,…Authorities said 285 people in Mexico Beach had refused to leave ahead of the hurricane despite a mandatory evacuation order.
    • Oct 10 1:54pm: Hurricane makes landfall near Mexico Beach, FL source
  • Panama City – https://www.pcgov.org/ Facebook
    • Panama City, FL: Verizon brought in portable towers public instructed to turn cell phones off then back on source
    • 12:00n Significant damage in downtown Panama City source, Michael smashes rows of houses in Panama City Story
    • 11:55 am Hospitals and nursing homes are so damaged in the Panama City area that ambulances and helicopters are being used to ferry patients elsewhere. source
    • 11:50 am Officials at Bay Medical Sacred Heart announced that they’re transferring about 200 patients to hospitals in Pensacola and Jacksonville, and to Mobile, Alabama.source
    • 11:50am Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center says it has suspended all services and is evacuating patients as well.source
    • 10:45am Internet has been restored at the Bay County Emergency Operations Center and the Bay County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page will be updated with information. source
    • 9:00am Verizon cell networks remain down, limiting contact through the Emergency Operations Center. Many emergency broadcast stations were also rendered inoperable, making communication difficult. source
  • Bayou George
    • Bayou George area hit hard Story They are updating via their government Facebook account
  • Callaway Florida – population 14,405. Callaway does not have a social media page.
    • Significant damage expected in Callaway, We tried to call some businesses but the lines aren’t working. Communications impacted. Citizen Video (adult language)
  • Laguna Beach – population 3,932
    • Youtube video on Laguna Beach damage. Video


Calhoun County

Population 14,483

Website: https://www.calhouncountyfl.org/index.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CalcoEM/


Oct 12

  • 100% of county without power. source

Oct 11

  • 38.1% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source
  • Blountstown
    • Photos of damaged Calhoun Liberty Hospital. source
    • Blountstown in shambles. source
    • Video of destroyed trees in Blountstown. source
    • No communications to Blountstown. source source2
    • Family lost homes. source



Franklin County


Population 11,549

Website https://www.franklincountyflorida.com/

Sheriff Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Franklinsheriff


Locations of Interest

  • Apalachicola, Carrabelle, Eastpoint, St. George Island, Alligator Point, Bald Point, Lanark Village, St. Teresa,

Oct 11

  • 38.9% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source
  • Sheriff is keeping community updated via videos in Facebook source


Gadsden County

Population 46,071

Website: https://www.gadsdengov.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GadsdenCountyBOCC

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GadsdenCtyBOCC


Oct 12

    • 100% of county without power. source


Oct 11

71% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source

  • 4 deaths confirmed in Gadsden County. source
  • No communication in Gadsden County. source
  • Difficult to get into Gadsden County due to impassable roads. source
  • Volunteers needed for water distribution sites. source
  • Gadsden County under mandatory 24 hour curfew. People are asked to stay off the roads. source


  • Chattahoochee – Authorities said the state mental hospital in Chattahoochee, which has a section for the criminally insane, was cut off by land, and food and supplies were being flown in.source
  • Greensboro
    • Trees down and damage to homes. source
  • Jamieson
    • Destroyed, no help, no power, no phone, no water. source
  • Quincy
    • Hit very hard, trees down, no power. source


Gulf County

Population 15, 871

Website http://www.gulfcounty-fl.gov/

Gulf County Emergency Management Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GulfCountyEmergencyManagement/


Locations of Interest

  • Havana, Henderson Mill, Highland View, Hinson, Hinson’s Crossroads, Holmes Valley, Honeyville, Howard Creek, Indian Pass, Iolee,


Oct 12

  • Port St. Joe Police Department: No re-entry into Gulf County source
  • Port St. Joe: Central Florida Urban Search and Rescue Team #TaskForce4 working out of Beacon Hill area of Port St. Joe in #GulfCounty FL source


Oct 11

  • 69.6% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source


Holmes County

Population 19,558

Count Sheriff’s Office Website http://www.holmescosheriff.org/index.html

County Sheriff’s Office Twitter https://twitter.com/HCSO_FL

County Sheriff’s Office Facebok https://www.facebook.com/holmescosheriff/


Locations of Interest

  • Bethlehem, Bonifay, Cerrogordo, Esto, Graceville, Gritney, Noma, Pittman, Ponce De Leon, Prosperity, Town, Westville,


Oct 12

  • Via Sheriff’s Office: Deputies are out now delivering MREs and water to those who have requested assistance. Please be advised that someone MUST be present in order to receive the supplies.source
  • Bonifray – Via Sheriff’s Office: The shelter of last resort located at Bonifay K – 8 will be transitioning into a “Comfort Shelter” today at noon. This comfort shelter will provide charging stations for mobile devices, the ability to shower, water, and MRE’s. If you plan to shower, please bring your own towel and supplies, none will be available. Holmes County will not be providing rides to or from the shelter, you must have your own ride. The hours are 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. going forward. source


Oct 11

  • 74.1% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source


Jackson County

Population 48,330

Website: http://www.jacksoncountyfl.net/

Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JacksonCoChamber/


Oct 11

  • 77.1% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source
  • Cottondale, FL
  • Graceville, FL
    • Graceville torn up. source
    • Poor cell service. source
    • Possibly 2 weeks without electricity and water. source
    • No Verizon cell service. source
  • Grandridge, FL
  • Marianna
    • Jackson Hospital under Evacuation patients sent to Gainesville. Source
    • Cell phone service is spotty. Currently ems is enroute to Gainesville, FL after evacuating Jackson Hospital. Jackson Hospital has no water, damage, and is running on generator power only. source
    • Several areas damaged retail store major damage: source
    • Marianna is destroyed. source
    • Photos of building damage in Marianna. “Downtown looks like a warzone.” source
    • Photos of damaged buildings. source
  • Sneads, FL
    • Disaster area. source
    • Damage photos. source
    • Damage photos between Marianna and Sneads. Downed trees and power lines, damage to homes. Some cell service. source


Jefferson County

Population 14,831

Website: http://www.jeffersoncountyfl.gov/


Locations of Interest

  • Aucilla, Lamont, Lloyd, Wacissa, Waukeenah, Alma, Ashville, Capps, Casa Blanco, Cody, Dills, Drifton, Fanlew, Festus, Fincher, Jarrott, Limestone, Lois, Montivilla, Nash, Thomas City, Monticello,

Oct 12

  • Humanity Road contacted Jefferson County on Oct 12 to check on their status, the EOC is operational, has communications, they have a total of 1,200 without power but communities have communications and roads have been cleared. Source via phone

Oct 11

  • 5.7% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source


Leon County

Population 290,292

Website: http://cms.leoncountyfl.gov/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeonCountyFL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeonCounty


Locations of Interest

  • Baum, Black Creek, Bloxham[27], Bradfordville, Capitola, Centerville, Chaires, Chaires Crossroads, Felkel, Fort Braden, Gardner, Iamonia, Ivan, Lafayette, Lutterloh, Meridian, Miccosukee, Ochlockonee, Rose, Wadesboro, Tallahassee, Woodville,

Oct 12

  • Leon County has extended the free-of-charge period for both the Solid Waste Management Facility and the Rural Waste Service Centers. Source

Oct 11

  • 43.3% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source
  • All major roads in the county are passable. source
  • At least two cell towers in the county down. source
  • The FL National Guard is opening 10 distribution points across the county on Oct 12. 6 will distribute food and water and tarps: Ft. Braden Community Center – 16387 Blountstown Highway, Woodville Park – 1492 J. Lewis Hall Sr. Lane, Apalachee Regional Park – 7550 Apalachee Parkway, Fire Station #4 – 2899 West Pensacola Street, Fire Station #1 – 327 North Adams Street, Fire Station #2 – 2805 Sharer Road. source
  • Water only distribution points: Fred George Park – 4830 Fred George Road, Miccosukee (Concord School) – 15011 Cromartie Road, Fire Station #3 – 3005 South Monroe Street, Fire Station #15 – 1445 Bannerman. source
  • Tallahassee
    • All shelters have been consolidated into one at Sail High School in Tallahassee. There are 100 citizens at the special needs shelter at Florida High School. source
    • 60% of the city’s electric transmission system, 6 substations, and 117 of its 160 circuits are out of service. Repairs are underway. source
    • Both hospitals, FSU, and FAMU are in service. source


Liberty County

Population 8,242

Website: https://www.libertycountyflorida.com/


Oct 12

  • 100% of households without power. source
  • Reports of damage in Liberty County. source
  • No communication with emergency officials. source


  • Bristol
    • Video of downed trees and damage. source

Oct 11

  • 88.9% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source


Taylor County

Population 21,833

Website http://www.taylorcountygov.com/

Sheriff’s Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Taylor-County-Sheriffs-Office-Division-of-Emergency-Management-1553432821546206/


Locations of Interest

  • Athena, Bucell Junction, Clara, Dekle Beach, Eridu, Fenholloway, Fish Creek, Foley, Hampton Springs, Iddo, Keaton Beach, Lake Bird, Pinland, Salem, Shady Grove, Tennille, Perry, Steinhatchee,
  • Taylor County pictures of flooding source

Oct 11

  • 24.4% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source


Walton County

Population 68,376

Website https://www.co.walton.fl.us/

County Emergency Management Twitter https://twitter.com/waltoncountyem

County Emergency Management Facebook http://facebook.com/waltoncountyem


Locations of Interest

  • Alys Beach, Argyle, Blue Mountain Beach, Bruce, Darlington, DeFuniak Springs, Eucheanna (Euchee Valley), Freeport, Glendale, Grayton Beach, Inlet Beach, Miramar Beach, Mossy Head, Paxton, Red Bay, Rosemary Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Seacrest, Seaside, Town, Walton County


Oct 11

  • 21.5% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source
  • Current Road closure list as of Oct 11 source
  • Waste management to resume trash collection Oct 11 source


Wakulla County

Population 32,120

Website http://www.mywakulla.com/

Emergency management http://www.wcso.org/emergency-management/

Emergency Management Facebook Link


Oct 12

  • OneSource Restoration company responding: We have teams in Crawfordville and we are headed to Port St Joe. source


Oct 11

  • 35.9% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source
  • Michael hit Wakulla County harder than any other hurricane in memory Source
  • St. Marks, Shell Point, Spring Creek, Panacea, Mashes Sands and Ochlockonee Bay all were inundated by storm surge Source
  • Shired Island – Shired Island is home to Shired Island Campground, a county park with RV sites, tent sites, and a boat ramp. No updates in twitter from this location.


Washington County

Population: 24,567

Website: http://www.washingtonfl.com/

Washington County Emergency Management Facebook: https://bit.ly/2EihYev


Oct 12

  • Via Emergency Management: 08:29 : NWS-TAE has Changed in Time a Flood Warning (http://bit.ly/flswashington) for Washington County until 09:00 PM. Flood Warning extended until Tuesday evening… The Flood Warning continues for the Choctawhatchee River near Bruce (SR 20). * From late Saturday night, or until the warning is cancelled. * At 7:45 AM Friday the stage was 9.3 feet. * Minor flooding is forecast. * Flood stage is 14.0 feet. * Forecast: Rise above flood stage by Sunday morning and continue to rise to near 15.0 feet by early Monday morning. The river will fall below flood stage by late Tuesday morning. * Impact: At 16.0 feet: Portions of Big Cedar, Cowford, and Choctawhatchee River Roads in Walton County are impassible above this level. Structures in the area not elevated begin flooding. Portions of Choctaw Road in Washington County begin to flood along with Strickland Road in the far southwestern portion of the county. source


Oct 11

  • 24.4% of all cell towers down in county FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source
  • Chipley, FL
    • Tree fallen on house (photo). source
    • Trees down everywhere. source
    • Chipley and Graceville destroyed. source
    • Trees down and power out. source
    • whole family’s property is destroyed down in Chipley. source
    • Report of a Verizon tower down. source

Emergency Phone Numbers and Help Lines

Emergencies and Rescue

  • Life threatening emergencies dial 911
  • Mariners in need of emergency assistance in South Florida please contact #305-953-4617


Help Lines (non life threatening)


Situation Reports and Maps

Situation Reports



Shelters and Evacuation Centers

Communications Sector

Situation Updates:


Oct 12

  • Serious communication issues in the Panhandle If you are worried about someone, visit Source to report it. The State Emergency Operations Center will route these reports to the appropriate local agency for action! Source
  • City of Tallahassee know someone who isn’t social savvy but who needs information? Regular updates are being broadcast from the EOC on WFSU 88.9. Source
  • Leon County At this time, we are aware of least two cell towers in the county that are currently non-functional. Source


Oct 11

  • Comms: FCC Outage Report Hurricane Michael source cell towers down in for county:
    • 78.3 Bay County
    • 38.1% Calhoun County
    • 38.9% Franklin County
    • 71.0% Gadsden County
    • 69.6% Gulf County
    • 74.1% Holmes County
    • 77.1% Jackson County
    • 5.7% Jefferson County
    • 43.3% Leon County
    • 88.9% Liberty County
    • 24.4% Taylor County
    • 35.9% Wakulla County
    • 21.6% Walton County
    • 69.2% Washington County

Oct 9

  • FCC: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is available to address emergency communications needs 24 hours a day, including throughout the weekend, especially relating to the effects of Hurricane Michael. The FCC reminds emergency communications providers, including broadcasters, cable service providers, wireless and wireline service providers, satellite service providers, emergency response managers, first responders, and others needing assistance to initiate, resume, or maintain communications operations to contact the FCC Operations Center for assistance at 202-418-1122 or by e-mail at source
  • FCC: FCC has requested that communications providers report network outage information. Reports are requested beginning at 10:00 a.m. on October 10, 2018, and every day after that by 10:00 a.m. until DIRS is deactivated. source
  • Comcast:More than 8,000 Xfinity hotspots are being opened throughout the Panhandle, including in Tallahassee, Panama City, Dothan and the surrounding areas. source
  • Due to issues with communication lines throughout the Panhandle, there has been an increase in the number of calls for individuals missing, well-being checks, and concerns. The State has established a page for individuals to report these concerns: https://fdoh.readyop.com/fs/4cav/bcda #alert Source
  • AT&T Free Msg: Hurricane Michael efforts – We’d like to help out during this difficult time. If you live in areas impacted by Hurricane Michael, you won’t be charged for any data/talk/text overages from 10/10-10/14. Go to http://att.com/hurricanemichael for more info Source

Health and Hospitals

Situation Updates:

Oct 12

Oct 11

  • For family members seeking the name of the receiving hospital for Bay Medical Sacred Heart patients, please call the Bay Medical Sacred Heart patient line at 1-888-727-4568. Source
  • For families who have loved ones being transferred to Sacred Heart Hospital Pensacola from Bay Medical Sacred Heart please call 850-416-2246 for information. Source
  • Bay Medical Sacred Heart‏ The three facilities patients are being transferred to are Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Florida , Providence Hospital in Mobile, Alabama and St. Vincent Healthcare in Jacksonville, Florida. Our ER continues to remain open. Source
  • Bay Medical Sacred Heart‏ hospital has sustained damage including windows blown out, cracking of an exterior wall, and roof damage. Generators are working and our patients have been migrated to safe areas of the hospital. Our team is continuing to assess the damage. Source


Oct 10

  • Pensacola – Naval Hospital Pensacola and all Branch Clinics with the exception of Naval Branch Health Clinic Panama City will return to normal operations on Thursday, Oct. 11. Please be safe while traveling and reschedule any appointment if needed source
  • Apalachicola – Due to hurricane michael, Weems Medical Center east and west will be closed tuesday, october 9, 2018 and wednesday, october 10, 2018. the clinics will reopen as soon possible, but closures will be determined on a day to day basis. source
  • Panama City – Bay Medical Center Panama City Bay County, Patients and staff are safe. We are currently assessing damage to our hospital. There is significant debris surrounding our hospital. Our hospital is currently running off of generators and we have enough fuel to power our hospital for several days. Source, source2
  • Tallahassee – Capital Regional Medical Center Leon County, The hospital will have “Limited Access” starting 9am Wednesday morning, October 10th. The front entrance to the hospital will be locked due to storm winds and rain. The Emergency Department entrance will be the only access to the hospital. Source
  • Monticello – Physician Partners – Monticello – Tallahassee Memorial – Jefferson County. We’ve been diligently caring for our patients and community. Our emergency centers and urgent care centers will remain open until further notice. Source

Useful Links:

  • List of hospitals in Florida. source
  • Hospital Directory, Florida Hospital Association. source
  • Emergency and Urgent Care Finder, Florida Health Finder. source

Special Needs / Vulnerable Population


Oct 12

  • Veteran Health Resource Center Hotline: 1-800-507-4571
  • VA Joint Ambulatory Care Center in Pensacola, Florida, is open. Source
  • Gulf Coast Veterans HealthCare System’s outpatient clinics in Panama City Beach remain closed Source
  • Eglin Veterans Affairs Clinic will be open Friday under normal operating hours. Source

Oct 10

  • During this state of emergency, Florida is working with neighboring states to address questions regarding licensure reciprocity to Florida licensed nurses accompanying their patients evacuating to other states. The site will be updated as clarification is available. Source
  • The Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition reported that dialysis patients in the path of Hurricane Michael who need assistance can call one of the patient emergency hotline source
  • AHCA The Agency’s Consumer Information Hotline is now open 24 hours: 1-888-419-3456
  • Agency for Health Care Administration has posted a helpful resource for Hurricane Michael. The agency requires all licensees providing residential or inpatient services to use an approved database for reporting its emergency status, planning or operations. Notify the Agency for Health Care Administration regarding evacuations and other issues you encounter during and after the storm by using the ESS system. If you need any assistance please contact your local Emergency Operations Center–a link is available at: https://www.floridadisaster.org/counties/

Special Needs Helpful Links:

    • Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Day Care Centers, Adult Family Care Homes Unit Phone: (850) 412-4304 Email: assistedliving@ahca.myflorida.com
    • End Stage Renal Disease, Home Health Agencies – Laboratory and In-Home Services Unit Phone: (850) 412-4500, http://www.floridadisaster.org/disability/specialneeds/
    • Special Needs Registry: https://snr.floridadisaster.org/Signin?ReturnUrl=%2fSurveys


Florida Department of Elder Affairs:


Agency for Persons with Disabilities:


Florida Developmental Disabilities Resources:


Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration


Autism Resources in Florida

Power and Fuel

Situation Updates:

Oct 12

      • Bay County If you have been trying to reach loved ones, we now have some Verizon service Source

Oct 11

      • 2pm Florida percent gas stations without gas via Gas Buddy Outage Tracker for Hurricane Michael

– Mobile-Pensacola (Fort Walton) 32.89%

– Panama City 40.71%

– Tallahassee-Thomasville 33.69%

      • Damage was extensive across Northwest Florida, with more than 120,452 customers without power. Winds speeds were in the 140-150 mph range in many areas. Source


Oct 10

      • 3:37pm Nearly 200,000 people are without power in the area, according to information gathered from outage maps from multiple power companies. source
      • 10:52am in Florida percent gas stations without gas source– Mobile-Pensacola (FortWalton) 34.87%- Panama City 33.20%- Tallahassee-Thomasville 21.99%

Useful Links:


Gas Buddy (gasoline availability tracker): http://tracker.gasbuddy.com/


Gulf Power


Florida Power


Peace River Electric Cooperative, Inc


Duke Energy

Imagery Including Satellite, Drones, Pictures and Videos

      • Explanation of the Facebook Imagery: Humanity Road Special Facebook Mapping Report Our Special Facebook Report contains imagery on population density changes for before and after the hurricane. The red indicators on the maps show the the difference between the population at the time of the crisis and the population estimated for non-crisis conditions (baseline). This means the red is showing a decline in population versus 3 months ago. It could be seasonal trends or evacuation patterns. The blue map is a measurement called “Crisis” The blue dots reflect the observed number of people during overall period of crisis, so in essence – The blue dot-maps are showing locations where population are accessing Facebook on the given date from that location.
      • Damage Image in Panama City, FL. source
      • Mexico Beach underwater video: source
      • YouTube video of damage in Mexico Beach source
      • Youtube video of damage in Panama City, Mexico Beach and Florida panhandle source
      • Aerial – Drone Video Panama City Video
      • Aerial – Drone Video Mexico Beach Video 1 Video 2
      • Aerial – Drone Port St. Joe Video
      • Aerial – Drone Gordon, Alabama Video
      • Aerial – Drone Tyndall Air Force Base Video
      • Aerial – Mexico Beach Video 1
      • Aerial – via CBS Video
      • Satellite Imagery South Side of Bryant Patton Bridge
      • Satellite Imagery Magnolia Bluffs and Eastpoint
      • Satellite Imagery Apalachicola Regional Airport
      • Satellite Imagery Apalachicola
      • Satellite Imagery via NOAA Hurricane MICHAEL Aerial Imagery Response
      • Satellite Imagery Weather.com

Animals in Disaster

Situation Updates:

Oct 9

      • Citrus County Lecanto School Pet Shelter source
      • Red Rover has launched a helpful resource directory source


Useful Links:

Volunteers Responding

Alice, Aline, Evan, Reid, Elizabeth, Chris, Cat, Crystal, Cindy, Robert, Elizabeth, Kirk, Ann