Tropical Cyclone Soudelor Aug 2015

(Humanity Road Disaster response operations concluded on August 14, 2015 for this event)

Ongoing daily and near real-time situation report updates on the Soudelor disaster, especially social media info.

Over 30 July – 3 August, Tropical Cyclone Soudelor crossed the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). It passed directly over the capital of Saipan on August 2, causing heavy property damage and killing 6.

Below is the most current situation report published by Humanity Road. Important to note that we are providing relevant associated links but that they may not be responsive due to damage, loss of power, or unavailable bandwidth.

Commonwealth of Northern Marianas – Typhoon Soudelor Social Media Situation Report

Glide Number: 2015-000102

Situation Report  – (period covered:  7-14 Aug 2015 )

Prepared by: Humanity Road / Animals in Disaster     Follow: @Humanityroad / @Disasteranimals / @jAidDog

Situation Overview

Tropical Cyclone Soudelor formed in the northwest Pacific Ocean, northwest of Enewetak Atoll of the Marshall Islands, on July 30, 2015. The storm moved northwest, crossing the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) and passed directly over Saipan on August 2.

CNMI has a land mass of 179 square miles and a population of approximately 53,883 persons. About 50,000 people live on the islands, with most of them living on Saipan.  Saipan, Tinian, and Rota have the only ports and harbors, and are the only permanently populated islands.

On Aug 7, US President Obama declared a State of Disaster for CNMI following a request for assistance by Governor Torres.

Time in Saipan = CNMI (UTC/GMT +10)

Latest updates are in red.


Aug 13:

  • The American Red Cross-NMI Chapter on Wednesday estimated that 2,000 individuals formed a long line outside its office as early as 7am, disrupting traffic on both sides of the road that leads to the airport.(source)
  • The Red Cross cannot serve that many people and wants them to stay home and would prefer that people call in.  The Red Cross will deliver aid to homes.  However, phone and internet service are spotty, and power is needed to charge phones and devices.  Also delivery of food would be greatly hindered by the fact that people have PO Boxes and poorly marked addresses making homes very difficult to find. (source) (source)
  • People in the shelters whose homes were destroyed are worried about where they will go.  The shelters are uncomfortable for the elderly and people with health problems. (source)
  • Due to smoke from fires started for cooking, pest deterrence, and clean-up, the potential for air pollution exists, the CHCC has issued an advisory for people with respiratory conditions. They should stay away from smoke, stay indoors if possible, and seek medical attention immediately if experience respiratory distress. (source)
  • A CDC representative has found no infectious disease outbreaks on Saipan.  He advises that to stay healthy, people should make sure their water and food are clean, they should wash hands, and they should make sure to cook food properly. (source)
  • Mobil Service Stations return to normal hours of operation on Aug 13. (Source)
  • The $50 per customer limit was lifted at Shell gas stations on Aug 13. (Source)

Urgent Needs

In the last few days we reviewed over 44,497  Twitter messages.  In the past 24 hours phone and internet connections remain spotty, but Citizen reporting is increasing.   Updates continue emerging from aid agencies and businesses that have an online social media presence.  There are some citizen-run Facebook efforts.

Aug 13

  • Blankets, sheets, pillows needed at the shelter at the Office on Aging, in China Town across from Gold’s Gym. (source)
  • On Wednesday, an estimated 2,000 people lined up for assistance from the Red Cross office beginning at 7:00am.  At 9 a.m. with the sun out, fewer than 20 individuals had been interviewed by case workers and received assistance. The police had to divert traffic, and they are concerned about security because the situation was chaotic.  The crowd was getting out of hand.  The Red Cross said they can distribute relief goods to 250 individuals every day.  By 10 a.m., American Red Cross volunteers were telling people still in line to go home and wait for a phone call from the NMI chapter. Most of them remained in line. (source) (photo)
  • Phone and internet connections remain spotty.  This is hindering people from signing up for FEMA and Red Cross assistance by phone or internet. (source)
  • A commenter to an article said it would be impossible for the Red Cross to deliver food to homes for people who have no way of getting to the office.  People in Saipan have PO boxes and addresses that are not well marked.  It would take a surveyor with a realtor and DPL to find individual properties, which new people to Saipan don’t realize. A better approach may be to use the fire stations or schools in villages as a drop off point. (source)

Aug 12

  • Medical Supplies needed at hospital – fluids, sutures, hand sanitizer. (source)
  • People in the shelters whose homes were destroyed are worried about where they will go.  The shelters are uncomfortable for the elderly and people with health problems. (source)
  • Karidat Social Service’s food bank needs food.  All of their canned goods have been depleted due to the huge demand. (source)
  • Saipan Ice & Water Company, located in Lower Base, is the only ice company on Saipan.  They have seen a significant increase in demand but can only produce 1,600 bags of ice per day.  They have 4 machines and could use another.  Before the typhoon they were producing 2,000 bags per day.  This could have an impact on people who need to keep medications cold. (source)
  • There is a need for tarps, mosquito coils, and mosquito nets because many people are sleeping outside. (source)
  • The line of people waiting in the hot sun for Red Cross assistance is very long. (Photo)

Aug 11

  • People, including infants and the sick, in shelters are sleeping on the bare floor or on cardboard boxes. They need either new or used-but-in-good-condition futons, beddings, linens and pillows. Ed Propst from the CNMI Legislature is asking people who can help to drop items at any of the shelters, or call 287-7883 and someone will pick it up. (source)  Picture from shelter. (source)
  • More needs in shelters:  cots, mosquito repellant, hygiene items (Shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.), and books for adults and kids, magazines, cards, board games, sports equipment, games or toys for kids. (source)
  • The Saipan Zoo received damage, but the animals are safe.  Only one Koi fish perished.  The odd hours of feed stores, and feed stores limiting their product, has the zoo owners concerned about having enough food for the animals.  They, however, have no way to store feed.  They are asking people who want to help to donate funds. (source)
  • Saipan residents have told CNMI Red Cross that tarps are the number one thing they need.  The Red Cross had none as of Sunday. (source)

Aug. 8

  • Many animals were injured at the animal shelter when their housing sustained massive damage. They’re looking for new homes and a family to love. Call or message Spencer Marchadesch at 670-783-4743 or Jason Hudy at 670-789-9464. (Source)

Aug. 7

  • CNMI Salvation Army is “desperately trying to source bottled water and will begin distribution as soon as we can get it.” (Source)
  •  General need for baby wipes due to no showers/water access. via Representative at CNMI Legislature (Source)

Special Needs Populations

Official languages

Chamorro, Carolinian and English. Chamorro, Carolinian, Chuukese, Tagalog (Philippines), Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (China), Russian, Bengali (Bangladeshi), Sinhalese and Tamil (Sri Lanka), English, and others are all spoken here.

Aug 13:

  • Tomorrow the Saipan Ice & Water Co will sell ice at their factory starting at 6am. They will continue to pre-sell the ice in the morning and give people pick-up times throughout the day. All elderly and people with disabilities will be able to come to the front of the line and get their ice as soon as it is available. This process will continue till power is restored. (source)
  • Due to the particulate matter contained in the smoke generated from fires started for cooking, pest deterrence, and clean-up, the potential for air pollution exists.  The CHCC Department of Public Health is issuing the following health advisory for people who have respiratory conditions:
  • People who have asthma, emphysema, or bronchitis should stay away from smoke when possible, and try to stay in a well-ventilated area.
  • People who are experiencing symptoms of respiratory distress should medical care immediately.
  • Anyone who is concerned about the smoke may choose to stay indoors as well as long as they can remain reasonably cool and comfortable. (source)

Aug 11

  • Of the 5,144 adults over 55 years old living on Saipan, 316 in Rota and 262 in Tinian are cared for in their own homes or with family members. There is a central care facility that is open during the day on Saipan and those who are homebound are visited daily on Saipan, Rota and Tinian by Meals on Wheels, according to the report.

Aug. 9

  • US Dept of Veterans Affairs Saipan Outreach Clinic, Marina Heights Business Park, Saipan, Phone: 670-323-9000, looks to be outpatient only. M-F 07:30 – 16:00 (source).
  • There are 0 nursing homes located in Saipan according to The nearest nursing home to Saipan is just under 200 miles away in Guam.

Aug. 7

  • The Department of Public Health is informing families that have children enrolled in the Early Intervention Services, Shriners Program, and Newborn Hearing Screening Program, along with the H.O.M.E Visiting and WIC Program, that they will be mobilizing a van to visit families to provide some services and supplies. (source)
  • DPH’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau is locating families with children with special healthcare needs and will be visiting their homes today, Aug. 7, to provide assistance. (source)

Community Response Efforts

13 Aug

  • Project: Save Saipan. This project is being developed by teenagers and is “intended to give the devastation (from TS) a human face. “We feel it would be more compelling to humanize this tragedy. We want to let people know that this is real. It affects real people.”(source)

  • Mariana Resort and Spa and Talaabwogh Stars Association distributed three vanloads of water, blankets and towels going door to door to Tanapag residents. Marinana Resort also donated their 50 foot pool at Kan Pacific.(Source)
  • HANMI (Hotel Association of the Northern Marianas Islands) will be purchasing $20,000 worth of canned products and boxes of ramen and distributing to all five districts on Saipan. (Source)
  • Photos and posts about volunteers cleaning up debris and donating food to shelters. (source)

Aug 12

Aug 11

Aug 10

Aug 6

  • MyPros, local nonprofit for young professionals, has been organizing volunteers for cleanup – Facebook page

Aid Organizations (NGOs)

Aug 12

  • Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) has awarded a $10,000 emergency Grant to the Lions of District 204 Micronesia for relief efforts in Saipan. A $200,000 Major Catastrophe Grant was awarded to Multiple District 300 Taiwan to assist with both immediate needs and long-term reconstruction there.(source)
  • Ayuda Foundation in Guam – accepting donations of water, non-perishable food, wipes, baby items, tarps, mosquito coils, mosquito nets. (source)
  • The Humane Society International has arrived to assist at the animal shelter. (source)

Aug 11

  • Reboot of relief and assistance operations needed. American Red Cross now to distribute all FEMA resources. Problems with shelters, food distribute and registrants have not had homes visited. (Source)
  • The CNMI, American Red Cross (ARC), and FEMA will expand resource assistance for Saipan residents.  Using FEMA supplies, the ARC, which has already provided assistance to some 3,000 residents, will make the aid available. Residents already registered with the ARC and are considered to have the greatest need will be processed first.  If people cannot get to the ARC Chapter at 1 Airport Road, please call the ARC at 470-234-3459 or at 670-234-3459, and the ARC will work with FEMA and CNMI to accommodate those individuals on a case-by-case basis. (source)
  • Relief supplies are being collected on Guam to send to Saipan.  Organizations collecting goods include:
  • Sons of Saipan
  • Payuta Inc. (collecting water and flashlights for 190 women and families registered in the CNMI Women’s Alliance).
  • Chinese Chamber of Commerce (collecting food, water, rice, batteries, flashlights, bedding)
  • Bank Pacific (collecting food, clothing, blankets, dry goods).
  • Archdiocese of Agana (collecting water, rice, canned goods).
  • Lion’s Club International
  • Korean Association of Guam
  • Marianas Express Lines
  • Dependable Global Express
  • Guam Red Cross
  • Ayuda Foundation (collecting food, bedding, tarps, water) (source)
  • University of Guam Calvo Field House (accepting water, non-perishable food, wet wipes, baby wipes, disposable diapers, batteries, paper products, cleaning supplies. (source)
  • An additional barge will be at the Port Authority of Guam on Thursday to transport items from Guam to Saipan, according to PAG General Manager Joanne Brown, who said this second barge will bring Matson containers with donations and power poles for Saipan. Another barge is expected on Guam on Wednesday, after having left to Saipan on Saturday. (source)

Aug 10

  • FEMA – To Register for FEMA Disaster Assistance: 1-800-621-3362 FREE (toll-free with no additional fees), 1-800-462-7585 FREE (TTY),, (smartphone users)
  • American Red Cross (Call 234-3459) (source)
  • Saipan Karidat Social Services is accepting donations to purchase things like blankets, water, food and clothing for victims of the storm, whether in shelters or remaining in their own homes. (source)
  • United Filipino Organization, President Bong Malasarte started distributing relief assistance – priority those in dire need incl water and rice. By 2pm Aug 9 200 families received support. Tel:287-5525. (Source)
  • Empty Vessel Ministry is accepting clothing donations. (source)

Aug. 9

  • The Salvation Army is doing mass feeding every day, 12 noon – 4 p.m. Any and all are welcome to walk in and eat a hot meal (source).
  • Guam Chamber of Commerce has published a summary of organizations accepting monetary contributions and goods. In regards to goods donations:

BankPacific: All branches are accepting donations of canned food, clothing and blankets and dry goods.

Chinese Chamber of Commerce: Accepting dried goods such as bottled water, rice, canned food, batteries, flashlights, beddings at their office in Tamuning.

Governor’s Office: Boot drives at traffic intersections on August 14th & 21st.

Ayuda Foundation & Senator Frank Blas, Jr: Accepting items to fill 40′ container with emergency supplies, non-perishable items, baby items (no clothes) on Saturday, August 8th, UOG Calvo Fieldhouse, Noon – 5:00 p.m. and Monday, August 10th from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.(source).


Aug. 8

  • The USS Ashland arrived on Saturday at 8 a.m. with 640 Navy sailors and Marines on board, food, water and equipment. Marine Maj. Joseph Montedoro said they brought in 51,072 meals and 44,100 liters of waters, from FEMA, to Saipan (source)

Aug. 7

Red Cross

  • Mobilized a team of 41 people currently on the island to provide support with sheltering, feeding, logistics and damage assessments. Dozens of additional workers are either en route to the island or on standby to travel.
  • Served more than 5,600 meals in government-operated shelters where nearly 600 people have sought refuge.
  • Shipped more than 600 rice cookers to Saipan which are en route now.
  • Received more than 2,000 calls and visits from people seeking help – that’s nearly 5 percent of the total population of Saipan.
  • Created a relief plan to get financial assistance and critical relief supplies to thousands of people in the hardest hit areas. These supplies, currently being mobilized, include bags of rice, canned meat, hygiene products, flashlights, butane stoves, cleaning supplies and tarps. (source)

Government Aid information:

Aug 12

  • The Internal Revenue Service will give taxpayers affected by the typhoon until Nov. 30 to file most tax returns, make tax payments that have a due date between Aug. 1 and Nov. 30. (source)
  • The Emergency Operations Center would like to dispel rumors that there is NO aid being distributed at the airport.  For immediate assistance, please call the American Red Cross at 234-3459. (source)

Aug 11:

  • A joint CNMI and FEMA Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) will open on August 12 at the Pedro P Tenorio Multi-purpose Center, Beach Rd, Susupe, Saipan MP 96950.  Aug. 12 hours of operation: 12 p.m.-5 p.m.  Normal hours: Monday-Saturdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sundays 10 a.m.-4 p.m. After registering online or by telephone, survivors can access “one-stop shop” service at the DRC and receive assistance with additional registration needs such as case inquiries and updates. Subject matter experts from FEMA, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and the American Red Cross will be available at the DRC.

Survivors are encouraged to apply for assistance before coming to the DRC by calling 800-621-3362 or (TTY) 800-462-7585. Those who use 711-Relay or Video Relay Services can call 800-621-3362 to register. Online registration is also available at

  • What to bring:  1. Identification Card, 2. Social Security Number, 3. FEMA registration number (given when you register, this will be the number you’ll have to reference every time you interact with FEMA staff regarding your registration), 4. Insurance documents, 5. Receipts of any repairs performed on homes or items purchased to recover from typhoon damages (not all will be eligible for reimbursement, but good to have just in case), 6.Any other documents that may further verify your occupancy or ownership of a home (source)

Aug 10:

Aug. 9

  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that the agency’s Center or ASC located in Saipan, will reopen on Monday, August 10, 2015 (source).

Aug. 8

  • Temporary Immigration Relief Measures available for individuals affected by Typhoon Soudelor by USCIS (source).


Aug 12

  • Phone and internet connections remain spotty.  This is hindering people from signing up for FEMA and Red Cross assistance by phone or internet. (source)

Aug 11

  • Typhoon Soudelor Wikipedia page

  • Ed Propst from the CNMI Legislature reports his cell phone coverage is limited since so many of the cell towers were damaged, but the texts usually go through. (source)
  • IT & E CNMI business and residential customers unable to use services due to Typhoon can contact to temporarily suspend services to avoid being charged. Call/Visit Store/Email – details here: (Source)
  • Ham Radio
  • -Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) in Guam is working
  • – No activity currently showing in CNMI!addr=Saipan
  • – Aug 10 Via ARRL:  Guam National Guard is heading to Saipan (likely already there) for communications support.  Local sources on Saipan have reported “all…systems, microwave, undersea cable, landline and cell phone service is now operational”   there are no Amateurs available in KH0 for work with GO/NGO.  Ham Aid equipment is on standby in Guam in case needed

Aug 10:

  • The Aging Center (Garapan) has landlines for those with no access to phones. (source)
  • Emergency shelters around the island have landlines on site. (source)

Aug 7

  • Docomo Pacific Most Recent Press Release. Detailing current state (As of 7 Aug) of TV/Online Services and Mobile Service for Saipan, Rota and Tinian.Lists Temp Saipan Office hours. Shipment of solar chargers and car chargers for mobile devices expected this week. (Source)  No new updates as of Aug 10.
  • Via Salvation Army on Facebook “We will be serving hot meals every day until further notice. 12:00 p.m. – 4 p.m. We get very rare internet access and are asking everyone to share the schedule on Facebook and Twitter.

Aug. 5

  • IT&E – Telephone Service Provider/Long Distance –  According to a statement the company issued yesterday, it said initial reports are that the recently repaired undersea fiber cable was unaffected by Typhoon Soudelor. However, a number of antennae sites on Saipan and Tinian are offline due to the loss of commercial power. Data, voice, and SMS services are functioning at a decreased capacity because of the inactive antennae sites.  All phone line infrastructure is underground. Businesses, residents, and government agencies that use cordless phones can use them if they have backup power. If not, a corded phone, which does not require power, must be utilized in order to make and receive calls. (source)
  • The Emergency Operations Center, Saipan reports that Cell phone usage limited, multiple dead spots.  First responder communications network, operating off of push-to-talk (PTT) (Source)



Pictures and Videos



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Traditional Media and Blogs

Aug 11

  • KSPN CNMI only tv news station adds internet site. Access KSPN news nightly @ after 8pm. (Source)
  • Docomo cable tv still down. May also access KSPN2 News on with uploads after 8pm Mon-Fri. (Source)
  • Radio listeners can tune into newscasts at 6pm on KWAW Magic 100.3FM (Source)

Aug 10

  • KSPN2 – Online News Headline Video Archive (Source)

Other regional newspapers:


Power, Fuel & Gas

Aug 13

  • Mobil service stations returning to normal operating hours starting Aug 13. Can refuel vehicles and fill safety approved portable containers with diesel and up to 5 gallons of gasoline.

Operating hours are: 24hrs – Middle Road, Chalan Kiya, Kagman, BR Garapan, & Sadog Tasi.

6am – 10pm -: Susupe, Tanapag, CNG San Jose, San Vincente and Koblerville. Expecting tanker with fresh fuel supplies next week (Source)

  • IP&E announces lifting $50 fuel transaction limit at Shell Gas Stations starting Aug 13. Opening hours 8-5pm. Available at Shell Puerto Rico, Shell Rai & Shell Highway Express. Shell Airport and Shell Susupe only sell gasoline Shell Koblerville is open to govt official emergency vehicles only (Source)

Aug 12

  • Mitigating tank leak hindered opening of Mobil stations (source)
  • Water, electricity still at premium as Saipan recovers from Typhoon Soudelor (source)

Aug 11

  • Demand for gasoline on Saipan, following the Typhoon , is significantly above pre-storm levels. Tanker ships are scheduled for delivery to Guam and to Saipan this week. (source)

Aug 10:

  • 295 power poles and 57 transformers on Saipan have been damaged.  The USS Ashland is making a second delivery to Saipan from Guam today, August 10, carrying three GPA bucket trucks, three pickups, one auger truck, and two utility vans, as well as other supplies for relief efforts.  Concrete power poles from GPA’s stockpiles will arrive in Saipan by barge on August 17. Wooden poles from GPA’s stockpiles are being processed for airlift to Saipan.  In addition, 26 generators ranging in size from 100 kW to 240 kW arrived in Saipan from Hawaii today, August 10. (source)
  • Industry reports that while supplies remain ample, demand for gasoline on island Saipan, following the Typhoon, is significantly above pre-storm levels. Tanker ships are scheduled for delivery to Guam and to Saipan this week. (source)

Aug. 9

  • After an initial assessment, the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC) told acting Gov. Ralph DLG Torres that power restoration will take about three to four weeks, same time that the U.S. Dept. of Energy had estimated (source).
  •  U.S. Department of Energy Situation Reports (source)
  • Typhoon Soudelor (13W) Situation Report #6 August 8, 2015 (12:00 PM EDT)  (source) – includes most recent updates in red
  • The electric power generation and distribution system of Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) is managed by the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC), a public corporation of the CNMI government. Latest recovery report –
  • Reports include these topics: Highlights, DOE Actions, Electricity Information, Petroleum and Natural Gas Information, Territory Government Information.
  • Generators unloaded from the USS Ashland, which arrived Friday, will go straight to restoring water and to the hospital, according to Kevin Bautista, special projects coordinator for the office of the Lieutenant Governor (source).
  • According to a logistics map shared by Delegate Sablan on his Facebook page, shipment of 24 generators, ranging in size from 100Kw to 240Kw will arrive in Saipan on Monday (source)

Aug. 8:

  • On Saturday the Governor of Saipan reiterated that there was “enough fuel” for Saipan and the cause of rationalization of it was to guarantee Public Safety (source).
  • Guam Power Authority (not on social media)
  • Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC), a public corporation of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)
  • Update #13 issued August 9th via Congressman Sablan reports that as of August 8, all 13,800 electric customers on the island of Saipan are without power.  Damage assessments indicate that 48 percent of the Saipan power grid is inoperable due to the loss of power poles and downed lines. As of August 8, fourteen of nineteen known retail service stations were open for business on Saipan.
  • The lack of fuel is hampering local community relief efforts including transporting supplies and volunteers and fuel for equipment like chainsaws.  Water companies having problems delivering water. (Source)
  • Both gas and water are rationed daily.  Shell and Mobile have raised the cap to $50 of gas per customer. (source)


Aug 13

  • From 13 Aug to Friday 14 Aug CUC Engineering and Operations personnel will attempt to pressurize water lines in vicinity of Capital Hill, Kagman and Marpi. In advance of testing process, CUC asks that all household water faucets and hose bibs in area are turned off. Within the next week, CUC expects to provide water to Navy Hill, Chinatown, Upper Miha, As Matuis, San Roque, Capital Hill, Kagman and As Teo. CUC has restored pressurised water in Chalan Kiya and from San Antonio to San Jose. Limited water service in newly opened areas will be initially available daily.Critical to report leaks T: 664 4CUC (4282). As a precaution all water will need to be sanitized through use of chlorine bleach or boiling before can be used by community. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and food prep until further notice (Source)

Aug 10:

  • To report water leaks, contact CUC Water Manager, Bernard Keremius, by calling 888-6615. (source)
  • CUC will begin charging the lines in Chalan Kiya on Tuesday, August 11. In advance of the line pressurization, customers are asked to check that all household water faucets and hose bibs are turned off as water begins to fill the distribution lines.  The limited water service in Chalan Kiya will initially be available for approximately two hours and will increase once Water personnel make their assessment of the system. (source)
  • CUC proceeded with the third phase of the restoration this morning with the villages of San Antonio and Chalan Piao. Customers between San Antonio and Oleai can expect to receive three hours of water per day at times to be released by CUC.  CUC will next proceed to pressurize the water lines north to Quartermaster Road in Chalan Laulau. (source)
  • Water Distribution Points (10 AM to 5 PM daily) – CUC


– Agag Tank (towards blue building across Santa Lourdes)

– Capital Hill (towards Mount Tapotchau near old DPL)

– Kanat Tabla (down Kanat Tabla Rd.)

– Kagman (down Gao Gao Rd.)

– Navy Hill (near softball field) (source)

  • Coral Ocean Point will be providing clean drinking water to residents today from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm for the whole week or as long as they can.  Residents are limited to 10 gallons per family and must provide their own clean water containers. (source)
  • Local Facebook effort: with 1,000 followers lists Volunteer station is Gold’s Gym Saipan. We are here until at least 5pm accepting donations and mass coordinating. Volunteers can show up here and we can send you out with water to distribute. We have plenty of water this morning, so please come if you can!

Aug. 9

  • On Sunday, the CUC restored limited water pressure to a handful of villages Sunday, starting with Chalan Kanoa and moving on to Susupe, Oleai and San Jose. Utility officials also opened a fifth water station for residents to collect potable water. Water rationing continued with each family limited to 100 gallons per day. The water stations are open from noon to 7 p.m. (source)
  • Utility officials opened a fifth water station for residents to collect potable water. Water rationing continued with each family limited to 100 gallons per day. The water stations are open from noon to 7 p.m. (source)
  • Facebook user Jillian Angeline reports that water is being provided at the American Memorial Park (source). There is a call for people to go and pick it up tonight. According to her Facebook posts remaining boxes with supplies are being shipped to shelters.

Aug 8:

  • The Commonwealth Utilities Corp is providing 100 gallons of water per household per day.  Distribution sites listed on their website. (Source)
  • Star Water Tanker is delivering water  – delivery schedule Via Jillian Angeline.
  • Star Water Saipan, a private business that is selling water, is limiting water to three 5-gallon bottles per family per day. (Source)
  • Water companies having problems delivering water. (Source)


Transportation and Infrastructure


  • Aug 11 –  The US Coast Guard Safety Zone Requirements in Tanapag Harbor in Saipan have been lifted. The Port of Saipan remains open for daytime operations only until lighting is installed or repair. (source)
  • Guam –  Apra Harbor.
  • Aug 6.  – Port of Saipan Daytime Restrictions (Source)
  • Aug. 5  – Ports operational with a limited safety zone (Via CNMI EOC)


  • 10 Aug:  Crews have begun clearing fallen trees, mud flows and other debris from blocked roads. (source)



  • Aug 11 Delta is closely working with local airport authority and will adjust flight schedules as necessary, due to the current operational limitation at Saipan Airport.(source)


Maps and Situational Awareness Reports

  • 12 Aug:  Saipan Typhoon Soudelor Recovery Maps (includes maps for fuel stations, public assistance stations, water service recovery, and a social media map). (Link)
  • 9 Aug:  U.S. Department of Energy Situation Reports (source)
  • 6 Aug: FEMA-4235-DR, Northern Mariana Islands Declaration (Link)
  • 3 Aug: ECHO Map via Reliefweb (Link)

Public Health and Medical

Aug 13:

  • According to a CDC official on Saipan, there are no infectious diseases that pose a threat as the island recovers from the typhoon.  However, he encourages the public to continue practicing proper hygiene at all times.  Make sure that the water and food you eat are clean,  wash your hands, and make sure to cook your food properly. (source)

Aug 11:

  • The Family Care Clinic (FCC) reopened for services on Aug 11.  The Women’s/Children’s Clinic and Kagman Community Health Center are also open. (source)
  • Two epidemiologists have arrived on Saipan, and a doctor from the World Health Organization (WHO) will arrive next week. (source)
  • A Mobile Field Hospital already has been ordered for deployment to Saipan. (source)
  • Mobile clinic outreach will continue at shelters.  Medical staff are providing basic medical services, transportation to the hospital if necessary, immunizations, hygiene tips and hand sanitizers. (source)
  • All cases of diarrhea or vomiting should be reported to a medical professional immediately. (source)

Aug 10:

  • At the Commonwealth Health Center, 70 people are currently admitted.  The medical-surgical ward is over-capacity by three rooms and 10 people are under social admissions as non-patients to power oxygen concentrators. (source)
  • Impetigo, a skin disease that causes red sores and is highly contagious, is the most common disease found among those who sought refuge at shelters in Kagman and Tanapag.  CHCC’s mobile clinic made the rounds of all Kagman shelters—the Kagman Community Center, Kagman High School, and Chacha Oceanview Junior High School—and Tanapag Middle School and have found several cases of impetigo.  Impetigo can be prevented by proper hygiene and antibacterial soap.  It is contagious and can spread to anyone who comes into contact with infected skin or other items such as clothing, towels, and bed linens that have been touched by infected skin and, since it can itch, it could be spread to other parts of the body after scratching the infected area. (source)
  • CGC has assembled a crisis response team for a mental health outreach plan for the community. Priority for CGC’s response team is the emergency shelters. They will be deployed to the shelters to share strategies and activities that will promote mental and emotional wellness. (source)

Aug. 7

  • CHCC Saipan-wide crisis response with Dept of Public Health and Community Guidance Centre. (source)
  • CHCC mobile clinic deployed. CGC assembled crisis response team for mental health outreach – priority visit to emergency shelters. List of mobile clinic services with location & dates (source)

Hospitals and Health Services

The CNMI has one hospital, the Commonwealth Health Center and five private hospitals, six private outpatient clinics, two district or first referral hospitals, and one primary health-care center. The Commonwealth Guidance Center, also on Saipan, provides mental health and substance abuse services. Health centers provide health care services on the neighboring islands of Rota and Tinian.(Source)

  • Commonwealth Health Center

Hospital Dr, Garapan, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Phone:+1 670-234-8950

  • Pacific Medical Center

PMC Building PO Box 501908 Gualo Rai MP-         MP 96950-1         Saipan

Phone: +-669 670 233 8100

Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesday, Friday— 5:30am-9:00pm | Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday— 7:30am-5:00pm | Closed Sundays, Christmas Day, & New Years

Contact Person: Vanessa Tebia, RN Phone:  234-8950 ext. 3533/3534/3535


  • PHI Pharmacy has 4 locations on Saipan (Map).
  • Brabu Pharmacy and Wellness Center, LLC

PMB 761 PO BOX 10003, Saipan, MP 96950

Phone: (670) 233-AMOT (2668)

Fax: (670) 233-2670

US territory, and the Northern Mariana Islands (including the islands of SaipanTinian and Rota), which make up a Commonwealth of the United States.

Northern Mariana Islands – (include the islands of Rota, Saipan, Tinian, Pagan, Guguan, Agrihan, and Aguijan; Coordinates: 15°10′51″N 145°45′21″E)

Aug 10

  • Gov Eloy S Inos returns from vacation in Seattle to Saipan today to resume duties from Acting Gov Ralph Torres. (Source)
  • Gov Eloy S Inos Facebook page
  • The District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands will be closed until Wednesday, Aug. 12, while the CNMI judiciary on Saipan will operate from 8 a.m. to 12 noon on Aug. 10-14, 2015.This schedule of the CNMI courts on Saipan will be maintained until further notice, while operations on Rota and Tinian will be from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. (source).

Aug 9

  • Executive Branch of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands,


Aug 11

  • Bank Of Saipan Advisory: Granting 60 day payment deferrals to all consumer and commercial loan customers whose accounts were less than 30 days past due at time of typhoon (Aug 2). No visit necessary, deferral is automatic. (Source)
  • Bank of Guam
  • Bank of Hawaii
  • First Hawaiian Bank
  • Bankpacific Limited
  • City Trust Bank

Private Sector Status:


Aug 13

  • Cha Saipan Charge Phones, Laptops, Use wifi. 8-4 & 6-10

Twitter handle: @chasaipan (Facebook Page)

  • Shirley’s Coffee Shop:
  • Garapan – 6:30am – 1am (whole week)
  • Susupe is closed until further notice
  • McDonald’s
  • Garapan – 8am – 8pm
  • Middle Road – closed until Monday when it will also be 8am – 8pm
  • J’s Restaurant
  • Gualo Rai – 8am – 10pm daily
  • Bowling – closed until further notice
  • Zoom cafe is open.
  • Java Joe’s is open. (source)


  • XO Laundry
  • Gualo Rai, only letting people wash but not dry
  • PA Laundry
  • Koblerville, washing and drying, but long wait
  • Winners Laundry in Garapan across Garapan Elementary School, washing and drying
  • Ever Clean
  • Dandan in front of Joeten Store or CUC – open only for drying from 8-12 and then 5-9pm (source)


  • Ace Hardware at Joeten Susupe
  • Collapsible water containers (several still available), 10 liters (several still available) (source)

Grocery and Supermarkets/Superstores

Aug 13

  • Joeten Supermarkets
  • XO Mart
  • Costco
  • H-Mart
  • Twins Mart
  • Happy Market
  • DJ’s Corner
  • Han Nam Supermarket
  • Dolphin Wholesale
  • 99 cents Supermarket

Malls and Other Retail

  • DFS Galleria Saipan
  • La Fiesta
  • Townhouse Shopping Center
  • National Office Supplies
  • Modern Stationery


  1. Hyatt Regency, 317 rooms posted update on  Facebook, Garapan, Saipan, NMI Phone:+1 670-234-1234
  2. Century Hotel, 33 Rooms last post on Facebook July 9 indicates unrelated comms problems prior to Typhoon and defers public to Corp office in Manila  Kalachucha Ave Garapan Saipan NMI 670-233-1420
  3. Ocean View Hotel 90 Rooms, no social media presence Beach Road, Garapan Saipan 96950 NMI
  4. Grandvrio Resort Saipan  425 Rooms, no social media presence,  Saipan PO Box 500338, Garapan 96950, NMI (Formerly Hafa Adai Beach Hotel)
  5. Kanoa Resort 224 Rooms Updates on Facebook limited water supply and gas for the generators.  P. O. Box 500369, Saipan 96950 NMI Phone 670-234-6601 (One pool and waterslides now open. Still working to restore services.)
  6. Fiesta Resort, 425 Rooms Updates on Facebook, they are back online and open for business Garapan, 96950-1029, Mariana Islands
  7. Micro Beach Hotel, 287 Rooms, no social media presence P.O. Box 501328 CK, 96950, 1(670)233-1388/78/68 Website
  8. Himawari, 230 Rooms, Updates with photos on Facebook PMB 252, Box 10003, 96950 NMI
  9. Summer Holiday Hotel, 26 rooms no social media presence. Alaihai Street, South Garapan Saipan 96950 website
  10. Victoria Hotel  27 rooms no social media presence. PMB 110 P.O. Box 10001; Micro Beach Road, Garapan Saipan 96950 NMI Website
  11. Saipan Ocean View Hotel, 90 Rooms Facebook presence but not maintained since June 2015 Garapan Saipan 96950 NMI 1 670-234-8900
  12. Aquarius Beach Tower, 63 Rooms Facebook presence but no update since Apr 2015  110 Beach Road Chalan Kanoa Saipan 96950 +1 670-235-6025
  13. Hotel Sun Palace 121 Rooms No social media presence Bwughos St. Susupe Vill. Saipan 96950 +1 670-234-6639
  14. Hotel Galleria unknown room count classified as “small hotel” No social media presence P.O. Box 500148 Alaihai Ave. Garapan Saipan 96950
  15. Chalan Kanoa Beach Hotel 174 Rooms  No recent updates on Facebook P.O. Box 500356 Saipan 96950
  16. Pacific Islands Club 304 Rooms They have posted updates Facebook Rooms Saipan Beach Road Afetna Saipan 96950 NMI (Aug 8 – Archery and Golf Range still not available, the Point Break working on limited hours only, Waterpark is now open to public )
  17. Gold Beach Hotel, 50 Rooms  No updates on Facebook since 2013 P. O. Box 2232, 96950, Mariana Islands
  18. Mariana Resort and Spa 124 Rooms No updates on Facebook Umang Street, Marpi, 96950, Mariana Islands (8/8 – accommodations possible but have on-site rolling blackouts; restaurant is open, pool/beach open, telephone/internet “difficult”)
  19.  Capital Hotel 26 Rooms Flooris Avenue Garapan, MP 96950, NMI  1 670-233-6888
  20. Holiday Saipan Resort – 14 Rooms PMB A17 Box 10001 Saipan 96950 NMI
  21. Marianas Resort and Spa – 124 Rooms PMB A17 BOX 10001, MP 96950
  22. Heaven II 14 Rooms no Facebook Updates PMB557 Box 10003, 96950-8903 NMI 1 670-322-0102
  23. Saipan World Resort 265 Rooms No updates on Facebook PO Box 5000066, 96950, NMI
  24. Saipan Hanamitso Spa 50 Rooms no social media presence Paseo de Marianas Street, Garapan, Garapan 96950
  25. Aqua Resort Club Saipan 91 Rooms (8/8 – restaurant open)  on Facebook PO Box 500009, Achugao, 96950 +1 670-322-1234
  26. Paradise Hotel Saipan 156 Rooms Updates on Facebook PMB 976 P.O. Box 10001, 96950, Mariana Islands +1 670-233-5256
  27. Palms Resort Saipan 313 Rooms No Facebook P.O. Box 5152 CHRB, 96950, Mariana Islands +1 670-322-3311
  28. Hotel Bianca 349 Rooms No Facebook P.O.BOX. P.P.P. 405, 96950, Mariana Islands
  29. Coral Ocean Point Resort Club 20 Rooms No updates on Facebook  P.O.Box 501160 Saipan Mp 96950-1160 +1 670-234-7000
  30. Nikko Saipan Hotel 313 Rooms 13 Floors No Facebook PO Box 5152, Capitol Hill Rural Branch, 96950, Mariana Islands +1 670-322-3311
  31. Standford Resort Hotel  San Vicente, 96950, Mariana Islands.
  32. Saipan Prince 60 rooms. PMB 727 P.O.BOX 10000, 96950 , Mariana Islands  +1 670-322-3311
  33. Rota Resort & Country Club, P.O. Box 938, Rota, MP 96951 CNMI, Facebook – no recent postings  (8/10 – Due to network connectivity to the island of Rota, our television service and incoming phone calls are temporarily down.)
  34. Sunrise Hotel Rota, Rota Island, +1 670-532-0478
  35. Bayview Hotel – P.O. Box 875, Rota, MP 96951, Phone 1-670-532-3414 / Fax: 1-670-532-0393 , E-mail: Contact Vangie Cajucom at Rooms: 11
  36. Coral Garden Hotel, P.O. Box 597, Rota, MP 96951, Tel: 1-670-532-3201 / Fax: 1-670-532-3400, E-mail: Contact Josie at Facebook – no recent posts
  37. Hotel Valentino, P.O. Box 491, Rota, MP 96951, Tel: 1-670-532-8466 – 1-670-888-8049 (cell) / Fax: 1-670-532-0655, E-mail: or Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino, 1 Broadway. P.O.Box 468, Tinian, MP 96952, T 670-328-2233,
  38. Meitetsu Fleming Hotel (フレミングホテル), San Jose Village, +1 670 4333232 (tinianm&, fax: +1 670 4333022). 13 rooms  Japanese language hotel

Schools and Higher Education:

The CNMI Public School System consists of 20 campuses of learning for school-age children from the age of 6 to 18. Of these twenty campuses, twelve are elementary schools, three are junior high schools, four are senior high schools, and one secondary school in Tinian for grades 7-12.

Private Schools

  •  Brilliant Star Montessori School
  • Grace Christian Tinian
  • Mount Carmel Updates from Facebook  (Source)
  • Saipan Community
  • Seventh Day Adventist
  •  Saipan International School Updates from Facebook (Source)

Aug 10:

  • Northern Marianas College – President Hart announced that all employees are to report to work beginning Tuesday, August 11, 2015. Faculty members are to report at 10 am.  The College will be working with every employee to schedule their work weeks ahead.  “Many of you will be asked to assist with community work efforts, located near your homes, as our participation and involvement in helping our island here is also critical,” President Hart said. “We do not need, nor can we accommodate all employees on campus. We still have significant areas that are hazardous, and only key individuals will be involved in those clean-up efforts.” (source)

Aug. 9:

  • Administrative services at PSS schools and the Central Office are expected to be fully operational beginning tomorrow, August 10th (source).
  • Opening day for private schools – some scheduled for last week – has been pushed back indefinitely. Bautista said public schools normally open in early September, and the commissioner on education and the administration haven’t decided if they’ll postpone those dates too(source)

Other Notifications:

  • Aug 10:  Effective Monday, August 10, 2015, the Lower Base Transfer Station and the Marpi Landfill will be opened seven (7) days a week from 7:30 to 4:30 pm, Monday to Sunday, due to increased debris generated from Typhoon Soudelor. For questions, please call the Solid Waste Management Division located at the Lower Base Transfer Station at 322-2745 or 2760 or fax to 322-2762. (source)

Other VT&C (Mapping)

SBTF – no activation for Saipan / Soudelor

HOT – Open Street Map Humanitarian Team – no active map for Saipan –

CrisisMappers – no Saipan map

GIS Corps – no Project listed for Saipan

MicroMappers – no activation for Saipan –

ERCC Portal – Daily Maps – nothing specific for Saipan, two maps for Soudelor

Copernicus – Emergency Management Service (does some public emergency mapping) – no Saipan   Page  of